Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why I Haven't Had Much To Say Lately

I really haven't been able to bring myself to post much the last few weeks, and here's why:  What earthly good does it do for one blogger with a few readers to speak out against a massive right wing propaganda machine that has crafted and is now using hundreds of millions of dollars to spread a completely false narrative about both what the Obama administration has accomplished the last four years, and about what Republicans will do if they take over?

Here, from Crooks and Liars, are some examples, taken entirely from last Sunday's talk shows, of the coordinated Republican lying which passes for news in the United States today.  Take a couple of minutes to listen to it:

Notice the obviously coordinated meme that Obama does not understand economics or Capitalism.  What you are hearing here is not a collection of various people with their own opinions- it is propaganda being spread in a systematic attack on the truth, by willing deceivers.

I think I need hardly tell the people that read this blog that the man who prevented a full-blown depression and generated millions of jobs is likely to know a little more about economics than the people who destroyed the economy and left town with the nation hemorrhaging eight hundred thousand jobs a month. Yet the lies go on, and the mainstream press, using a bogus cloak of supposed even-handedness, refuses to call the Republicans out on their endless prevarication.

Covering the 2012 election is going to amount to nothing but an endless repetition of this malign story.  I am already sick to death of it, and I promise you, the really vicious lying has not even begun.


Poll P. said...

It's so loathsome, I couldn't get through it all, but I hope to God you're overly pessimistic, and that the Truth will get out somehow, and motivate good people to vote.

mastercynic said...

I'm counting on the zombie apocalypse in the above story.

Anonymous said...

It's what we 'don't' want Obama do to for the next 4 years.