Friday, May 4, 2012

Gutless Worm

Ted Nugent, talking about his recent run-in with the Secret Service (and no, they weren't trying to buy his sexual services):

"I feel sorry for liberals who can be that brain dead as to take a clear statement of fear on my part and turn it into a threat against somebody else," Nugent explained."

Fear.  Little baby Teddie was afraid!  The guy who didn't think Hillary and Obama had anything to be afraid of when he waved an M16 around and threatened to shoot it off in their mouths.  The guy who feels free to strut around on stage and threaten the life of the President.  Teddie is afraid.  Of what?  Who in God's name knows?  Does he think things are going to finally catch up with him and the Government is going to put him in prison for degrading the world of popular music?  Or does he think they might rub him out because he is a gigantic right wing asshole?

Well, let me tell you what, you whiny baby, if the government does start doing that, there are so many right wingers ahead of you in line that you will be using a walker and forgetting your kids' names before your turn comes. 

Ted Nugent, besides being a miserable musical has-been, is also a loud-mouthed coward.  In other words, a perfect Republican.

But Wait- There's More!  Here is the entire coverage of an interview that Teddie had with a network reporter today. If you can't take much of it, start at about the five minute mark and watch about the next minute.  The two remarks that were bleeped out were Ted offering to perform oral sex on the interviewer and an unseen producer:

  Ted Nugent is a psychotic, sick, violent bastard.  The same press that managed to generate a week's abuse out of some remark made by one Hilary Rosen, a CNN employee with nothing to do with Obama, apparently doesn't feel that it's worth showing any indignation over this sort of thing, from someone whose endorsement was sought out by Mitt Romney.  This is a sign of the rules under which the press has decided we should have our Presidential election.


Jean Valjean said...

Ah! Would that more of them were musical has-beens. At least they'd have been musical, which is some consolation for their ass-holeyness.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Domestic Terrorist, Chicken Hawk, Coward, Child Rapist

I understand why Sean Hannity states, I like Ted Nugent. He’s a friend of mine."

curt said...

Ted Nugent has land very near where I live in Michigan and is known here for other things besides his three musical chords. He bought land on Lake Michigan and is mining the beach sand (sold in bags for sand boxes) much to the dismay of preservationists. Besides his racing boats and muscle cars he is very well known here for being a devoted advocate of the NRA and hunting. He wrote a book on cooking game called "Kill It and Grill IT". He claims a Texas residency now and that's fine with me. I remember reading maybe twenty years ago that Ted was walking in San Francisco one day with his wife who was wearing a fur coat. An animal rights activist started to taunt her for it and Ted beat him up and bloodied him right there on Market Street. Ted was not afraid at all when he made threats on Obama. He's a violent aggressive man and his cowardly
claim of being fearful is a lie.

Poll P. said...

Well said, guys!

Dave Dubya said...

Maybe poor wittow Teddy better go cower with Jan Brewer from the dire threat of a black man in the White House. Safety in numbers for the frightened sheeple.

Authoritarians turn into jello whenever their leaders are out of power.

the yellow fringe said...

Do not fall into the trap of saying, or believing, that Ted and his actions are the extreme fringe of the GOP. The GOP has not admonished him in any way. Ted represents perfectly the center, the middle, the common GOP voter. This is the Republican party with a bow on it. Ted fits mom and pop Republicans like a glove fits a guy with 5 penis's.

Green Eagle said...

Yellow Fringe,

I agree 100% with what you just said. Republicans have entitled themselves to be violent savages who are allowed to do anything to get what they want. We are not dealing with the political battles of yesteryear, however ferocious they might have been. This is far more like a fight against barbarian hordes that recognize no right or wrong, where it interferes with their desires.

Where this will all end, God only knows. I can't see any remedy at this point short of giving them the Southern States they have always wanted, and letting them have their vicious slave country, and see how they do with it.