Friday, May 11, 2012

Political Brilliance

I just want to comment on what I believe is one of the most magnificent examples of seizing a political opportunity I have ever seen- Obama's coming out in favor of gay marriage a couple of days ago.

Now, I am positive that we all knew how he really felt about the issue- he has simply spent years refusing to state it out loud, for legitimate fear of the feigned Conservative outrage that he would have to deal with.

Well, here is what I think happened.  A few days ago, Obama's people learned of the imminent revelation of the ugly incident in which Romney led a sickening assault against a gay student.  Obama saw a window in which he could make his position known, and have the whole issue be reported not as the holy Romney versus the Satanic pervert Obama, but rather as the bully Romney versus the nice guy Obama.  He seized the chance, and it worked.  The story about Romney cast him in such an unappealing light, that Conservatives have been totally unable to respond with their usual synthetic fury to Obama's statement, thus minimizing the damage that it did to him. 

Most all of us have had our differences with Obama, but I have to say, this was a stroke of political genius which bodes quite well for what Obama has in store for Mitt in the next few months.


Poll P. said...

Had you ever heard of this somewhat pertinent Romney bio-fact, before the bullying brought it forward?

"Romney has said that his Mormon faith was deepened and his life's outlook altered for the better soon after the reported Lauber incident, when a van he was driving in France was in a crash that killed a passenger and nearly killed him as well." (Associated Press)

Think of what this story would have looked like if say, Ted Kennedy, had been driving, and his passenger was killed and he wasn't.

the yellow fringe said...

When Obama first came out with this statement I thought it was a mistake politically. My wife disagreed saying he has to many smart people working with him for this not to be a positive or at least a neutral. Then hours later the Romney people barely react at all, a few more hours and Romney is organizing to beat up gays. I think the wife was right, and you as well. This pinned the GOP down, only the zealots are free to rant and they look worse than ever (if thats possible) for it. The only mystery for me now is did Biden know of it and jump the gun, or did he stumble over the IED planted for Romney?

Poll P. said...

(@the yellow fringe, I really loved your blog.)