Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Republicans On The March

I just want to point out that, while the country is fixated with Donald Trump's stupid, ignorant comments about the Civil War, the Republicans in the House are zooming in on their big goal for the month: finding a way to write a health care bill that destroys coverage for pre-existing conditions, giving a potentially trillion dollar gift to the insurance companies, while couching things in such confusing language that people don't realize what the consequences are until it is too late.  With more "moderate" Republican Congressmen hopping on today's version of this exercise in evil, they are just about there.

Most people know that medical expenses are the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States- something which has absolutely no parallel in any other industrialized country, because they all have single payer coverage.  I read today the personal bankruptcies are down nearly fifty percent since the enactment of Obamacare.  Say goodbye to that, and say hello once again to hundreds of thousands of American families having their life savings wiped out every year, in order that a few hundred people can make profits of hundreds of millions each.  That's Republican America.  They just had to find a way to sneak it by without most people realizing what is happening. The whole Republican debate over health care has never had a thing to do with writing a good bill- it has only been about how much they can get away with stealing from the American people.  And in the meantime, their carnival broker keeps the pathetic excuse for a mainstream press mesmerized with an endless series of meaningless outrages.

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