Saturday, May 13, 2017


Let's just cut things to the most basic.  The entire survival of the United States, at least as anything the world could ever want to see, depends on the discovery of three honest Republicans.
And right now, even one does not seem to exist anywhere in the country.  A party that has systematically, over several decades of work, managed to purge every single decent person from a position of power.  And virtually the entire population of the country carefully averts its gaze from that fact, and insists on ignoring the vermin clawing away at every decent thing about us.

That's the story- I could repeat these few sentences every day from now until we have descended into an open dictatorship, which we are rapidly doing, and nothing will change.  Instead, the nation will be flooded with infinite distractions from this fact; infinite explanations about how it's our destruction is the fault of someone, anyone else.  And the infinite lies are well on the way to overwhelming us all, at which point it will be illegal to tell the truth, just as in every other dictatorship in history, and the future will hold nothing but war and impoverishment.

If you don't get the picture above, Google Diogenes.

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