Monday, May 22, 2017

Black Is White

And up is down, true is false, bad is good.

A Saudi Prince had this to say about Donald Trump:


I read in the Los Angeles Times this weekend that the Saudis not only called Trump a strong President, but they contrasted him to Obama, who they called a weak President.

See, it is strong to buckle under to the demands of one of the worst dictatorships on earth, and agree to provided them with $110 billion dollars of advanced weapons to carry on their terrorist religious wars, but it is weak to refuse to finance their hatred, and instead to try to make peace with that dictatorship's rivals.  Here is a particularly ironic statement of the current principles governing U.S.-Saudi affairs:

"Concerning terrorism in the region, both parties agreed that recruitment campaigns carried out by some terrorist groups in Saudi Arabia against Saudi citizens are launched to legitimize these groups."

"Some terrorist groups."  No mention of the fact that the Saudis virtually invented modern Islamic terrorism, through their monstrous so-called religion of Wahabism, which has been financing violence since the nineteenth century.  No mention of the fact that the Saudis are overwhelmingly the major financiers of Islamic hatred and violence in the world.  And as for the  racist anti-Muslim crusade Trump has led the last couple of years?

"Relations had undergone a period of difference of opinion. However, today’s meeting has put things on the right track...Saudi Arabia does not believe that this measure is targeting Muslim countries or the religion of Islam."

The right track. War is peace.  Lies are truth.  Anything that makes more money for the richest people on earth is a noble enterprise.  And there you wonder the Saudis are thrilled to have a Republican President once again.

And a little more:

At least this bit of sanity, from The Week:

"Trump's groveling speech in Saudi Arabia was a national embarrassment"

Groveling is strength!  Not groveling is weakness!

"The trouble with the speech is not that it was demented, like most of what passes by President Trump's lips, but that it is a reminder of what is waiting should the Republicans still be in charge of the country for any extended period of time in the post-Trump era: the policy baseline, the tone, and the analysis of the region's predicament were all boilerplate Republican inanity, grounded in a monomaniacal obsession with terrorism as the cause of all strife on Earth and bizarrely fixated on Iran as the wellspring of instability and violence."

Well, at least for the moment, people are allowed to utter the truth out loud in this country, not that anyone is allowed to hear them.  How long that will be okay, who knows?

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