Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Coward McCain Backs Off Already

I am going to just reprint this short article from the Washington Post, in which that great Republican hero, and man of unshakable righteousness, Saint John McCain, tries as furiously as is humanly possible to back out of his comparison yesterday of Trump's monumental criminality to Watergate:

"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who compared the current controversies to Watergate on Tuesday night, shed light Wednesday on his attention-grabbing remark. 

“What I was saying was that these scandals need to be completely — all the information needs to get out as quickly as possible so we can resolve the issue and move forward,” said McCain. 

He added: “It is a serious issue the way other scandals have been serious issues.” 

In the Watergate scandal, President Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. 

Asked whether the current imbroglio could lead to impeachment, McCain responded: “I have no idea of that — come on.” 

Pressed further on whether he was ruling out impeachment, McCain said: “The thought had not crossed my mind.”

Impeachment never crossed his mind when he compared Trump's situation to Watergate.  Oh no, he never thought of that!  

So, anyone of you out there who has watched McCain's behavior over the last two decades, and still believed that his commitment to doing the right thing extends to anything beyond a quickly retracted sound bite, think again.  This is the sort of morally rudderless tool that is being cited as the only chance that we have to deal with Trump in an appropriate manner.  Trump is a corrupt, criminal, stupid, ignorant, out of control traitor, but if it demands the cooperation of one single Congressional Republican to deal with this situation, forget it.  They are, every single one of them, just as corrupt as Trump.  They deliberately created the base of hate filled fools that put him in office, and they are still just thrilled with their accomplishment.  Apparently it would take a truly cataclysmic disaster to move one single one of them into facing up to their treachery.

Well, never fear.  At the rate we are going, how can that be far away?

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