Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

A fine time to be checking out the wingnut world, given stories like this:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Poll: Paul Ryan's Approval Collapses, More GOP Voters Say Trump Best Represents Their View Of The Party"

Something from Town Hall that is absolutely true!  Republicans, Trump is your ideal candidate.  Deal with it, you pack of racist, hate filled bastards.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Obama Pats Himself on Back for ACA...Then Suggests Improvements"

I like this because it reveals the Republicans' pathological inability to ever admit that anything they do is not perfect.  Obama can't be happy with 20 million new insured people, the elimination of the prior conditions scam, and lowering of the strain on other medical assistance programs, because he wants to make it better.  So, he's admitted that it failed.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Watchdog Group Aims to Keep Hillary Campaign Accountable"

Because it's Hillary's campaign that needs watching. By the way, the "watchdog group" is the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which is nothing but a right wing group dedicated to hatcheting anything which interferes with the power of its rich backers.  Surprise!

Derek Hunter, Town Hall:  "What’s being rigged now is the election.  I’ve been unambiguous in my criticism of Donald Trump, but he is absolutely correct the electoral system is rigged. He narrows it to being against him, but it would be rigged against any Republican who ran this year. It’s that rigged."

It's rigged every time the press tells the truth about what a miserable human being Trump is.  The press is in the basket for Hillary because they are not reporting the election as if an honorable, experienced public servant is not exactly as qualified to be President as a violent, racist, know-nothing bully.  Of course, in a normal election, that is exactly how things would be reported, because to the mainstream press, the Republican is always better than the Democrat.  Too bad for Republicans that this time they allowed their voters to pick a violent, racist, know-nothing bully who didn't know when to keep his God-damned mouth shut.

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "WikiLeaks emails will poison Hillary Clinton's presidency"

Guess he's given up on their main intent, which was to see that she was never elected.  Now, the Republicans will have to use them for four more years of subversion.  Too bad, by the way, that they have so far totally failed to uncover a thing to get excited about.  Oh well, at this point, Republican voters start salivating as soon as anyone mentions the word "e-mail," so their lack o content really doesn't hurt much.  Jonah continues:

"Fortunately, Donald Trump has the Lincolnesque qualities of political subtlety, magnanimity and foresight to quell any such misgivings."

I'd think that was sarcasm, but we are talking Jonah Goldberg here, so who knows?

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Analysis: Trump's Hedge on Accepting Election Results Boosts Hillary in Status Quo Debate"

No shit, Sherlock.

Streiff, Red State:  "Did Hillary Clinton Just Say She Was Okay With Going To War With Russia?"

No.  Boy, that is some kind of shameless lie there, Streiff.

Christian Otto, PJ Media:  "Madonna: Vote for Hillary and I'll (BLEEP) You"

I reported on this story in the last Wingnut Wrapup.  It's a sign of how pathetic the Republican attacks on Hillary are, that something like this has legs.

Joan Swirsky, Renew America:  "I have two words for Donald Trump--Harry Truman!"

I have two words for you, Joan:  Grow up.

Michael Bargo Jr, American Thinker:  "In the past week, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been chastised by the media for being obsessed with the accusations of sexual impropriety alleged by several women.  There is a more subtle tactic here, a dirty tricks strategy Democrats love to perpetrate: the tactic of creating a controversy or chaotic situation, then blaming the victim – in this case, Donald Trump – for responding to it."

Trump assaults numerous women.  He is the victim.  Right.

Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart:  "Wayne Newton: Never Seen Trump Treat Women ‘in a Derisive Way in Any Form’

Ha ha ha.  Wayne Newton.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Just exactly how much time does Wayne Newton spend with Donald Trump?  And given that Wayne Newton is one of the creepiest people in recorded history, isn't this sort of like reporting, "Al Capone:  Bootleg liquor?  Never saw anything like that."

Ford Springer, Daily Caller:  "Trump's Plane Is Big League Compared To Clinton's"

Well, that will be a comfort to him on November 9th.

Daily Caller:  "Poll- Who won the third debate?"

I bet you can't wait to hear the results:

"In a poll run on the Drudge Report near the end of the debate, 76 percent of voters believed that Trump defeated Clinton handily, while 24 percent thought she had won."

Drudge.  Okay, then.  I guess Hillary is sunk.  And now a new MASSIVE e-mail scandal:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Surprise: A New Email Scandal Lie Emerges From Hillary Testimony...Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall having communications with Bryan Pagliano concerning or relating to the management, preservation, deletion, or destruction of any emails in her clintonemail.com email account..."

Throw her in prison because, in the middle of all her responsibilities as the Secretary of State, she claims she does not remember a conversation with her IT guy from four and a half years ago!  Who could believe that?  most of us fall asleep every night fondly replaying in our minds our latest interaction with the company IT guy.

And some delusional fantasy from the right:

Patterico, Red State:  "Ted Cruz Should Have Been The One Debating Hillary Clinton This Week...how would the debate have gone if Ted Cruz been on stage instead of Donald Trump?  Ted Cruz would have wiped the floor with Hillary Clinton."

Ha.  Ted Cruz is the most despised political figure in the entire country.  People hate him pretty much from the first time they see that ugly smirk on his face.  The general election would have reduced him to the status of a maggot in the eyes of the American people.  Hillary would have destroyed him without even trying.

And, still caught in denial?

Spengler, PJ Media:  "I'm still calling this election for Donald J. Trump. The polls are meaningless. Perceptions are morphing as rapidly as the new-model Terminator in the molten steel vat at the end of the movie. The election will be won and lost a dozen times between now and Election Day."

Gee, Spengler, two weeks and you can go back on your antipsychotic meds.

And speaking of delusional:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "TRUMP Drops Bomb at Al Smith Dinner, Says “Hillary Is So Corrupt… She’s Pretending Not to Hate Catholics” BRUTAL! Donald Trump Destroyed Hillary at the Alfred E. Smith Catholic Dinner in New York City tonight."

A great victory for Trump, except maybe the part where the audience of rich New York Catholics, which should be just about his most loyal constituency, booed Trump for saying that.  Jim didn't notice the booing, I guess.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Wikileaks reveals that Hillary’s such a crooked politician that she doesn’t even stay bought"

I love this one.  See, the wingnuts allege that Hillary traded favors for a Clinton foundation donation, and when someone mentions that there never were any favors granted, that isn't proof that there was no quid pro quo, but rather that Hillary did make the corrupt deal, and then stiffed the person who bribed her.  Because, of course she did.  Heads I win, tails you lose, HITLERY!!

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "WikiLeaks Bombshell: Clinton Told Kaine He Was VP — in July of 2015"

Bombshell!  BOMBSHELL!!!!  Because, who knows?  But this is all they are getting out of their Wikileaks e-mails that are going to totally destroy Hillary, so I guess they have to run with it.

Aleister, Gateway Pundit:  "WATCH: At Trump Rally In PA, “WOMEN FOR TRUMP” SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE!"

All professionally printed, obviously by the same people that print all the rest of Trump's signs.  That really proves a lot.  The fact that any women were willing to hold them, on the other hand, does prove something.  It proves that there are some white women in the country who are as stupid and vicious as the millions of white males out there who support Trump.

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Third Debate - Smooth -- smiling Hillary appeared paranoid -- arrogant -- conspiratorial"

You see what you want to see, I guess.  Because a smile always shows paranoia and arrogance.

Worl Net Daily:  "Leaked emails reveal smear campaign against bestselling author Jerome Corsi"

This one has to make you laugh.  Corsi, as you may remember, was the source of the Swift Boat lying smear campaign against John Kerry, which gave its name to smear campaigns: "swiftboating."  Now, he's complaining that he is being smeared, because some people want to challenge him on the lies he's told in the past.  Gee, I feel sorry for him.

Jonathan F. Keiler, American Thinker:  "Why Should Trump Accept the Election Results?  There is no reason for Donald Trump or any other citizen to "accept" a result in November that puts Obama's corrupt and criminal successor in power."

Apparently including the reason that she won the election.  It is, by the way, an example of rigging the election, in Mr. Keiler's view, for the members of the press corps to realize that putting Trump in the White House risks the political and economic stability of the entire world.  If they admit the truth, they are "rigging" the election for the only sane candidate, which is apparently a colossal crime.

Neil W. McCabe, Breitbart:  "Exclusive–Danney Williams: President Clinton Knows Truth, I Am His Son; Demands Paternity Test"

He already had one in 1999, which proved he is no relation to Bill Clinton.  What, is he going for two out of three here?

And another sign of how desperate they are:

Breitbart:  "Letters Behind Clinton Spell Out ‘Rig it’ in Debate"

This is sort of like people who see Jesus in their waffles.  I guess they are counting on cosmic coincidence to give them a win.  Well, at this point, it may be their best shot.

David Shestokas, Daily Caller:  "Criticizing Trump For Being Honest About Accepting Election Results...Trump answered Chris Wallace’s question honestly when professional politicians would have lied."

See, no one has a right to criticize Hitler for killing Jews, because he was honest about his intentions to do so, well in advance of the fact.  It makes it okay to be an evil monster, if you are just "honest" about it.

David Krayden, Daily Caller:  "DNC Chair Donna Brazile Now Symbolizes Democratic Corruption"

This week.  Last week, when hardly anyone had ever heard of Donna Brazile, it was...well, who remembers?   And next week it will be...who knows?  Someone else most people have never heard of.  But it's always someone.  Of course, they need a new "symbol" of Democratic corruption every week, because it rarely takes people more than two or three days to realize that their claims are bullshit.  Of course, when the press points that out, it just proves they are in the tank for Hillary.

American Updater:  "Huge Revelation From WikiLeaks!! “There Is No US Election”

Oh God, here we go again.  I know this is going to end in talk about lizard people from outer space.  Anyway, I guess this is the ultimate denial of reality from a right winger who sees what is happening to his beloved would-be dictator.

American Updater:  "Wow! Catholics Forbidden From Voting For Hillary By Former Pope!!"

Former Pope?  Would that be the one who snuck out of the back door of the Vatican one step ahead of being personally charged in the Church's child rape scandals?  He's had the sense to keep his mouth shut since then.  I'd suggest he get back to that practice before the rest of us decide to root around some more into what he was really doing while all the guy around him were molesting kids.

And, in the need to go out on a real burst of insanity?

American Reviewer BREAKING NEWS!  "FBI Classifies President OBAMA As A DOMESTIC TERRORIST"

Buying that one?  No?  I didn't think so.

Derek Hunter, Town Hall:  "Why I Now Feel Compelled To Vote For Trump"

Because if you don't, you aren't going to get paid any more for lying.  I mean, isn't that what the deal is with virtually everyone who ends up being in Wingnut Wrapup?  It sure isn't because you are trying to do something good with your life.

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