Sunday, October 30, 2016

They Still Just Refuse To Get It

From the mainstream press to left wing blogs like Daily Kos, there seems to be a conspiracy to whitewash James Comey's treacherous behavior.  Here are some examples of the narrative that is being spun:

From the aforementioned Daily Kos, in a sad departure from its normal incisive commentary:

"There’s no doubt that Comey buckled to pressure in a way that is completely counter to how any law enforcement official, not just the director of the FBI, should operate. In order to guard against the possibility that he might be accused of being less than transparent at some point in the future, he cast aspersion on a candidate in the middle of a political campaign...What Comey did isn’t about protecting the election, protecting the evidence, or doing the “right thing.” It was entirely about making a show of “being impartial” by doing something that was massively, incredibly ‘partial.’  

And how about a little from Frank Bruni, in the New York Times this morning- again, willful blindness from a normally reasonable columnist:

"Comey obviously felt that he was in a bind and clearly believed that by disclosing the emails as soon as possible — and not, say, delaying until he had some sense of what the F.B.I. was dealing with — he had the best chance of avoiding any possible charges of a cover-up later, and was acting with the cleanest conscience.

But his desire to be a Boy Scout may have eclipsed sound judgment here"

And a comment about this morning's Meet The Press, from Crooks and Liars:

"NBC's Meet The Press host Chuck Todd questioned FBI director James Comey's motives for informing Congress that they found emails without knowing what was in them and suggested, "Don't you wait to tell Congress of a new development after you know you have evidence?"

Todd asked this to NBC's Pete Williams, who has been covering the Friday morning blockbuster.

Williams said that Comey was worried if they didn't tell Congress it would play into Trump's "rigged election" meme, but Todd wasn't convinced."
You see, Comey is such a nice guy, a "boy scout," in fact, who was just struggling to do the right thing.  
Is there no point at which these people will admit the truth?

Comey is a Republican, who has previously grossly misused his position to smear Hillary Clinton.  

The Republicans saw they were headed toward a humiliating loss, and their hopes in Wikileaks actually turning up anything of value have pretty much flown out the window.  So, they needed to generate a fictitious Hillary scandal of their own.  And here comes the head of the FBI, the nation's highest law enforcement officer, throwing every shred of honesty and responsibility out the window to give it to them, without a bit of evidence to indicate that what he is talking about has a thing to do with Hillary.

This is not the act of a boy scout; it is the act of a corrupt partisan doing what he can to throw the Presidential election.  Comey is not an honest man caught between bad choices, he is a subversive crook.  That is to say, he is a standard, run of the mill Republican, just like all the rest of them, willing to do any kind of filthy deed to help his party steal power in this country.  

We are witnessing a knife blow in the back of American democracy; a hail Mary treachery resulting from the fact that nothing else is working to elect the Republican candidate.  And unless some Democrats and some more visible left wing bloggers than me are willing to speak the truth, he will escape the consequences of his behavior, which should consist of removal from office, and a long prison term.


Grung_e_Gene said...

If HRC is not fully innoculayed and girded up to appoint the most radical leftists to every position and spit on every overture from the duplicitous right, the Republicans slow moving Coup will continue.

Green Eagle said...

Gene, as you know, I almost always agree with you, and this is no exception. I'm reminded of the story about the liberals that had backed FDR going to him after his election and laying out their program; and FDR saying to them "That's great- now make me do it."

I am comforted to some degree by my belief that Hillary's quarter century of abuse at the hands of the Republicans has made her the toughest Democratic politician since FDR. She is likely to have far less patience with Republican idiocy than any Democrat we have seen in a long time.