Monday, October 31, 2016

Keith Again

Keith Olbermann, with the definitive statements about what is going on in the Comey-Chaffetz cabal to cheat the country out of its choice for President, proving once again why he was kicked out of the mainstream media.  Please watch this, because it is the best account I have seen showing how the timeline of this treachery utterly destroys Comey and Chaffetz, excuse for their behavior:

It's not Olbermann that they cannot stand, it is the truth.  And he is one of the handful of people in this country willing to accept the consequences of saying it out loud.

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Zog said...

Thank you for the video.

Since today is Halloween, I'll give you a link to a video of The Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati. Someone took the tune and added clips from classic horror movies to it.

One warning: I originally found the song on a Dr. Demento compilation, so it might not be to your taste.