Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Surprise?

Well, it is now two weeks from election day, and we have entered what I always consider to be the real danger zone for a Republican "October surprise."  That would be when there is plenty of time to get a good lie out there, but not enough time for Democrats to show what a miserable smear it is.

And that brings me to Wikileaks.

I have some basic fears about Wikileaks.  First of all, that bastard Julian Assange has all day, every day, to sit around in that Ecuadorean Embassy.  Can you believe that he didn't spend his time going through those e-mail messages to save for last the ones that can be most easily twisted into a phony scandal?  Of course, maybe he has been too busy basking in his newfound glory to do that, but it's a chance that there is something in all those e-mails that will initially seem to prove something or other.

Second, we have already seen some "e-mails" released that are either forgeries, or James O'Keefe level distorting of what was really there.  I will be surprised if we do not see more of this in the next two weeks.

And finally, there is the very real possibility that the Russian spies who are behind all of this will simply release a pack of phony e-mails a few days before the election, which would fit with propaganda strategies they have used in an effort to rig elections in other countries.

We have to look at what is going on in the campaign:  After the massive hit Trump's polling took in the period from the second to the third debate, including the pussy video, etc.  the polls have been very consistent the last week or so, with Hillary holding a lead that has never been overcome this close to the election.  I just don't see that Trump has much of a shot without some sort of game-changing event, and right now this is the easiest one to arrange.

So, I'm waiting.  I hope I am wrong, but that would be relying on the Republicans' commitment to running a fair election, and we all know that is something that doesn't exist.

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Kevin Robbins said...

I share your anxiety. I've come to think the Reps have become as unhandy as the Dems used to be. I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been another anvil dropped on Trump. It's close to too late for a bombshell against HRC that would be damaging enough.