Monday, October 3, 2016

The Press Is In a Panic

Just look at the New York Times today:  Three stunningly anti-Trump op ed pieces:  "Trump's Supporters, by Paul Krugman (well, I guess that one is to be expected,) "Terroristic Man-Toddler," bu Charles Blow, and "Stop the Thug," by Roger Cohen; as well as as an editorial titled "Mr. Trump's Government Bailout," and the paper's lead story, "Trump Empire Faced Collapse After His Risky Moves in 1980s."

So, where have you guys been for the last years as this demon freight train headed straight for the wall?  Suddenly ashamed of the mockery of decent government that you are as responsible as anyone for having created?

Fat chance, if you are betting on the press having suddenly grown a conscience.  Here's what has really happened.  The rich owners of the Times, as well as other members of the mainstream press have suddenly realized how close they have come to putting someone in the White House that would almost certainly destroy their own fortunes along with everything else.  Now, they are desperately tugging on the brake lever, hoping to avert the disaster they have worked so hard to precipitate.

Will it work?  Stay tuned.


Magpie said...

My reading of it is a little different. Or the same. Not sure.

The press fed the ascent of this hopelessly inadequate and personality-disordered candidate and now they are enjoying skidding down the opposite slope which is the delight in his disintegration. And in doing so they (at least partially) dodge the subject of the systemic problems the country has, the utter hollowness and corruption of one its major parties, HOW IT EVEN CAME TO THIS, how such a person has gone without repercussions for his behaviour for so long, that you can have an election run this long without substantive issues that make a difference to people's lives ever being properly addressed. And they don't want this character and his lawyers coming back later with any case with legs so.... if they're going to bury him.... they want to do a real job of it.

Green Eagle said...

Well, you always hear how Americans (being the manifestly superior people they are) always root for the underdog. The real truth is, there is nothing Americans enjoy more than seeing someone get the crap kicked out of them. That's why they always want to go to war against Iraq or Vietnam or Cuba or some other country they think we can crush easily. If the tables really do turn, they are going to love seeing the smug bully Trump get pounded into the dirt, and by a girl.