Monday, April 18, 2016

The Republican Race Gets Really Dirty

What do you have left in a country when you have this sort of thing happening?

"Donald Trump may have retroactively lost his Georgia delegate lead to Ted Cruz, even after scoring a decisive victory in the state primary on March 7. 
Individual congressional districts met Saturday to select the 43 of the 76 delegates that would be going on to the Republican convention in Ohio at the end of July. Each of the 14 conventions picks three delegates and three alternates. 
Despite Donald’s advantage in votes, Ted’s supporters now appear to make up the majority of Georgia’s representation going on to the state convention in Augusta."

God knows, I am not a supporter of Trump, but when a party is rigging its own selection process right out in the open, what exactly does our vaunted American democracy mean any more?

And I love the press response to this, which is to attack Trump for just being too unprepared and ignorant of the process to get the delegates that the people of Georgia awarded him.  It is now the height of ignorance to expect that the Republican party will not sabotage the open vote of its own supporters, and a sign of incompetence to expect the Republican party to keep its end of the electoral deal.

Of course, no one with half a brain could expect anything less from Republicans- the entire competitiveness of the party in the last two decades has depended on deceit and cheating- but still, blaming the victim of this process is a really pitiful spectacle.  Faced with what looked to be a sure Trump majority by the time of the Convention, it seems to be just fine for the party to stab its own voters in the back.  Of course, that is what they do with every action they take, but not usually this openly.

This is not democracy, and anyone who thinks it is, is an idiot.

And let me end with a quote from Roy Edroso:

"The establishment has the juice to get Cruz the nod, it seems, but not the juice to make it look legit. But Cruz doesn’t care — and why should he? Come the general, he’ll have a whole army of rightbloggers lying their asses off for him..."

And a billion dollars or more to spend spreading the lies.  I'll leave it at that.

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