Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beyond "Both Sides Do It"

The Washington Post has been the national center of both-siderist delusions for decades.  Now, in the voice of the pathetic "centrist" Dana Milbank, they are going beyond both siderism, and essentially laying the groundwork to blame the Democrats for the Republican Presidential catastrophe:

"Democrats’ delight at the prospect of a Trump candidacy is well-founded. Last week’s Post-ABC News poll finds that an impressive 67 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump and only 31 percent have a positive view — far worse than Ted Cruz (36 percent positive, 53 percent negative), or Hillary Clinton. 

All signs suggest Trump would be an electoral disaster for Republicans, but I won’t join those who for that reason want him to be the Republican nominee. The important thing is not what’s best for Democrats but what’s best for the country — and that means not having a race-baiting demagogue as the nominee of a major party... even if Trump is easier to defeat, his nomination alone would be a blow to U.S. standing, which has already suffered from his success. "

You see, it is up to the Democrats to prevent the Republicans from nominating a candidate that is the logical result of decades of Republicans training their base to act on the basis of hatred, ludicrous claims of victimization, and greed.  The Republicans can act in any manner that advances their feed-the-rich agenda, no matter how much damage it has already done to the United States, but if the Democrats do not jump in to save the Republicans from disaster, they are betraying the country for partisan purposes.  It is the obligation of Democrats to make sure that, no matter how piggish and anti-American the Republicans are, they nominate a candidate capable of winning in November.

Even if that candidate is the clearly mentally ill, theocratic would-be dictator Ted Cruz, about whom it is now possible for Milbank to engage in the most absurd fantasies:
"(Cruz)  has shown an inclination to play by the rules — and that’s a safeguard Trump doesn’t offer."

An "inclination to play by the rules;" presumably demonstrated by his repeated attempts to shut down the government and destroy the economic stability of the United States if it does not go along with his insane plans for the country.  These are the rules of Hitler and Mussolini, Mugabe and Idi Amin; but they are rules, I guess, so it is necessary for the Democrats to come together to give him a shot at the Presidency.

No comment on the necessity for the Republicans to stop endless incitement of hatred and greed; that is apparently just fine to Milbank.  And don't wait for Milbank to write a column demanding that the Republicans come together to elect Hillary or Bernie, because their remaining candidates are hateful maniacs.  No, it is the Democrats who must always be the ones to cave, no matter how spectacularly abominable Republicans are.


Cirze said...

It is The Club. Their club.

And we are not allowed inside.

Where the arcane rules of deportment are enforced.

Republicans are the party of logic, courtesy and good government.

Otherwise, both sides are to blame for lack thereof.

But mainly Democrats.

Especially LIE-berals.


Go Bernie!

Love ya!

Michael said...

We are SO used to giving in to bullies, letting them have their way, pandering to them, whether in N. America or the Middle East. I think we used to call people who do that "fraidy cats". I'd say "Grow up!" but that ain't gonna happen.