Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Republicans- The Options narrow

Well, as I see it, there were really three options open to the Republican party before tonight (leaving seppuku off the list, of course.)

The first one would have been to actually find a way to beat Donald Trump fair and square. Fair and square?  Slap my face, Mama, that was never going to happen- after all, we are talking Republicans here, and fair and square isn't really in their playbook.

Anyway, the chance for that option is vanishing as fast  as a Lamborghini ahead of you on the I-15 on the way to Vegas at about 3:30 in the morning.

Second, I suppose is having Trump meet with an unfortunate accident.  That, however, is unlikely on the grounds of cowardice, and not getting their hands dirty.  I mean, they do hate dirt.

Third is to cheat him out of a bunch of his delegates.

So, I guess, I have to go with option number three.

Of course, there would be the option of facing the catastrophe they have created, give up on 2016, and promise God never to do it again, in return for him not striking them down with a few plagues.

Nah- that's the least likely of the bunch.  So, I'm sticking with the notion that they will just cheat him out of the nomination, and what the hell can he do about it anyway?


Magpie said...

I don't see how, but then I'm not corruption incarnate. Been saying it for a long time now: Trump and get the nomination and be obliterated by Hillary.

I just don’t know if Clint will talk to a chair again.

Green Eagle said...

You are, once again, making the grave mistake of assuming that there is some bottom to the dishonesty of the Republican party. It is by no means out of bounds for them to simply induce some of the supposedly committed Trump delegates to not vote for him, and essentially say "That's what I did-try and stop me." And there is no way that the government will step in and rule that the party's actions were illegal, certainly not before election day, when it will all become a meaningless historical curiosity.

Remember that they stole the Presidency in 2000, with absolutely disastrous results, and there was no way for anyone to stop them. Stealing a few dozen delegates to keep Trump from getting the required majority vote would be a minor thing compared to that.

joseph said...

And then what? Cruz? Kasich? Anybody other than Trump and the trumpsters walk away from the election. In sum, they're screwed.

Sam240 said...

"Remember that they stole the Presidency in 2000, with absolutely disastrous results, and there was no way for anyone to stop them. Stealing a few dozen delegates to keep Trump from getting the required majority vote would be a minor thing compared to that."

Yes, but what did the GOP bigwigs have to lose in 2000? They have more to lose this time around.

Remember what happened to Eric Cantor in 2014? He lost his primary because the Republican voters saw him as too soft on immigration, and the locals voted for the more Trump-like (on that position) David Brat.

If the GOP bigwigs steal a few dozen delegates at the convention, they are going to have to go to Cruz. How do you thing the Trump supporters are going to feel when the grand poobahs fiddle with the rules to take the nomination away from the orange megalomaniac and give it to some "forren Mexicaner?" (Attention to reality is not a strong point among Trump supporters.)

What do you think those Trump supporters are going to do to those GOP bigwigs in 2018, when the next Republican primary comes around?

I doubt the officeholders want to experience Cantor's fate.

Green Eagle said...

In sum, they are screwed, indeed, Joseph, but not half so screwed as the rest of us have been by having them run things.

Anyway, I quote again one of my favorite lines: "Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line." I believe the authoritarian tendencies that lead people to become Republicans in the first place will lead the great majority of them to vote for whomever the party picks, regardless of how idiotic that action is.

Green Eagle said...

Sam, I have two things to say in regard to your comment.

First, though I seem to be the only person to believe this, I am convinced that a large part of Cantor's collapse was a result of the fact that he was Jewish, which given the anti-semitism that has always been strong on the right, cost him enough support to sink him.

Second, I agree with your reasoning, but I am not sure that the Republican bosses do. I suspect that they are still feeding themselves their self-written fairy tale about their power to manipulate the Republican base, and it is going to take more than being humiliated by Donald Trump to convince them that they are wrong. They learned nothing from previous disasters, and sad to say, I believe it is going to take a couple more electoral cycles before they accept what is happening in the country, by which time the Republican party will have ceased to exist, or the more right wing parts of the country may actually try to secede. Either way, I fear we are not at the end of the country being mangled on every single issue by the right.