Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Woman on the $20 Bill

Now they are saying that it will take until 2030 to get a woman on the $20 bill.  I guess there is going to be a long fight over which woman gets to have her picture on the $20 bill, so Green Eagle thought he would get his idea out there early, so momentum could build around this obvious choice: Angelina Jolie:
Of course, as shown, we must put her on the bill sideways, so we can see more of her.
Note:  Just a joke there, guys.  Don't anyone beat up on poor old Green Eagle for it.


Zog said...

To me, a good joke would have been "We're going with Queen Elizabeth II. She's on the money of many other countries, so we can copy them and save money on design."

To me, the Jolie proposal was a bad joke.

Speaking of bad jokes, have you heard from either Anonymous or Dikran recently?

Infidel753 said...

Heh.....Well, that would certainly boost the global demand for US currency.....

Green Eagle said...

Hey, I like Angie. And personally, I don't like Queen Elizabeth. I believe she has been a very poor monarch. She has done absolutely nothing to try to improve the lot of her people for decades. That isn't enough in this era- if she is nothing but a tourist attraction, treat her like one. And she is apparently done with Corgis, which is the greatest insult of all, as far as I am concerned. I think the best thing she could do is disappear and leave the throne to Charles, who at least has the best interests of the British people at heart. This by the way is not dissimilar to the last half of Victoria's reign. After the death of Prince Albert, she virtually turned her back on her duties, and did almost nothing. Her son, Bertie, would have made a very good King, but he didn't get much of a chance, because Victoria treated him as incompetent to handle any power, which he was not, and her life dragged on so long that he was already old when he rose to the throne. In particular, I suspect he would have been able to do a much better job of dealing with the rising tensions between England and Germany, which were a major factor in the start of World War I.

And speaking of bad jokes, yes, I hear from Anonymous and Dikran constantly. I said no more, and I meant it. In fact, I got a couple of offensive comments from Dikran about my Angie bill. It was just one more opportunity for him to sling a couple more middle school insults my way. I'm satisfied at this point that I've done everyone here a favor by not bothering with them. I guess I should have enabled comment moderation a long time ago, because it has made for a much more tolerable comment section.

Paul Wartenberg said...

For a minute there I thought that was Beyonce.

Green Eagle said...

Infidel, actually, this is just the first step in my plan to replace Ben Franklin on the $100 bill with a picture of Harrison Ford kicking that Russian guy off his plane. I mean, nobody really remembers Franklin any more, but that scene is one of the highlights of American cultural history.

Zog said...

I don't like the concept of royal families, period. The joke with QEII was the outsourcing of the bill design to countries which already had her on their currency.

Personally, I'm glad that we're getting Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20. If it were up to me, I would have removed Jackson altogether instead of just moving him to the back.

For the record, I don't get out to see movies all that often, so I haven't actually seen Jolie onscreen. The last film I watched in a theater was Aelita, which shows how far removed from modern celebrity culture I am.

Infidel753 said...

As long as we're doing celebrities, maybe we can get Ellen Ripley on a bill? I've long held that the magnificent and intelligent elephant is the wrong animal symbol for the Republicans, and should be replaced by the Alien which is a near-perfect fit for them -- a blind, violently aggressive, nearly-mindless parasite whose goal in life is forced pregnancy. Celebrating its nemesis is just the next logical step.

Green Eagle said...

Infidel, too bad H. R. Giger died a couple of years ago, or we could get him to design all of our money. That would have been a treat.

Sam 240 said...

In defense of the elephant as GOP symbol, it produces more dung than any other land animal.

Magpie said...

“I don't like Queen Elizabeth. I believe she has been a very poor monarch. She has done absolutely nothing to try to improve the lot of her people for decades”

She is in sense the first post Empire monarch. The country had to search for itself in the years after the war, when rations continued into the 50s.
They had gone from controlling a quarter of the globe to being on the edge of national impoverishment in a generation.

I’m not sure what you might like her to do which is within the bounds of what that position is. When they involve themselves in politics and policy there is an uproar because they are meant to represent something beyond politics. They are a force for compliance. A force for ‘when all else fails this is what we do’. That is the psychological process by which they survived 1940, the privations afterwards and the implosion of global prestige.

Diana was of a woman of good intentions and limited attainments but she was by accident nearly the downfall of that family because she couldn’t just comply and they had nothing else left with which to approach the problem of ‘her’.
They’re not individuals. They’re a machine. They call themselves ‘the Firm’ and they have a defined role.

And whatever their indulges since her era, it is nothing to the debauchery and hypocritical double-standards of the preceding generations. They’d fuck their friends spouses without batting an eye while the ordinary people were admonished for having a drink or a bit of grope behind a factory wall. Edward VII spent a lot of time in a Paris brothel. These people barely had anything to do with their own progeny and crushed any inclination to sensitivity with ruthless coldness.
Liz II is a product of all that and modernity really only starts with her kids, who have been an interesting lot themselves.

Anyway we have to put up with her on our currency, but we have other women as well, including a soprano, the first female parliamentarian, and a socialist writer.
Your notes are not very attractive... can’t you have more colour?

Green Eagle said...

Well, of course you are right. But I still feel that her regarding her position as "the family business," as she has called it, is simply not enough. There are many areas where she could have used her visibility for good, and instead she sat home with the Corgis.

As for the colors of our money, as you know, every God damned thing in this country is a fight with the reactionary assholes, and redesigning the money, even for anti-counterfeiting reasons, is no different.

As for Diana, she was from one of the oldest and most high ranking families in England. She knew perfectly well what deal she was making when she agreed to become Queen, and when it didn't suit her, she made a grotesque public spectacle of herself. Remember that, on the day she died, the wonderful mother Diana was racing around Paris dead drunk, with a cheesy playboy, while Charles, the horrible father was home with the kids.