Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Well, everybody seems to be going around saying how delusional Bernie is to keep insisting that he has a path to getting the Democratic nomination.  I just want to say that the best thing that Bernie could ever do is to stay in the race.  This is because the minute he drops out, the Republican death star is going to turn every bit of its power on Hillary, dredging up every one of the hundreds of lies that they have told over the years, and spending hundreds of millions to cram them down people's throats.  The longer that gets put off, the better for decent people everywhere.

Of course you can't admit that you are going to lose, and then stay in the race, but if Bernie and Hillary haven't reached an understanding about this, they are both fools.  We know that, when the time comes, Bernie will be one hundred percent behind Hillary; for now, he's keeping the vultures away from her.

Like the Occupy movement a couple of years ago, Bernie has already done a mammoth service to this country, by forcing the country's conversation to turn from bogus issues about the national debt, the nonexistent cracking apart of social security and medicare, and the need to spend ever more on the military, to the plundering of the country by the hyper-rich.  It will be a long time before the Republicans will be able to put that genie back in their bottle, and that is a wonderful contribution to our nation's real interests.


Marc said...

Bernie has also energized a part of the electorate who might otherwise not even have participated, due to the optics of Hillary. If Bernie encourages his supporters to support down ticket (D) candidates, it could make the next two (and maybe four) years easier for whomever becomes President. A weakened (R) grasp on the House and a filibuster proof (D) Senate would go a long way in greasing the gears of the Federal Government.

Green Eagle said...

I'm at jury duty, working on an I-pad, and I accidentally deleted one of your comments. I couldn't find a way to get it back. I didn't want you to think I deleted it on purpose for some unknown reason, and if you want to repost it, of course I will be happy to put it up. Sorry,

And you are obviously completely correct in what you said here.