Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Reluctant Hero

Can there be anything more touching than Paul Ryan's selfless declaration that he is not running for President?  Unless it is the utterly uncritical acceptance of his claim by the entirety of the mainstream press, despite the fact that he played this exact same Brer Rabbit game on them less than a year ago, when he positively stated that he wanted nothing to do with the House Speakership, until he manipulated his party's leaders into arranging things to make him look like an altruistic hero for deigning to accept the third highest position in the country.

Well, do you believe that the entire mainstream press is that naive and forgetful?  Or are they once again willingly complicit in trying to help the Republican party escape paying a price for its piggish behavior?

As I have said before, I will buy the arguments I hear that the press is just trying to sell their product, or that they are uneducated dupes of politicians, the day the whole thing works in favor of Democrats for a change, instead of Republicans.  I have been waiting since the Reaganoid takeover of the mainstream media in this country for that to happen, but I have long ago concluded that it is not just Fox news that is a propaganda arm of the rich and their party, but the entire news media, with virtually no exceptions.

Prove me wrong, guys.  Just don't ask me to hold my breath.


Jerry Critter said...

When you have found a winning line of rhetoric, why change it? Just wait for the Ryan for President signs to go up.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Paul90x has been fluffed by the media for years. They've uncritically proclaimed him an economic wonk for his Granny-starving Path to Penury, his plan to swindle social security was lauded as very serious. Never once was his was his $700 dollar a bottle pinot noir dinner date with Clifford S. Asness, a pension stealing hedge fund manager ever mentioned, never once was his dedication to cutting the social safety which had cradled him mentioned.

Green Eagle said...

And never is it mentioned in the Mainstream Media (except by Paul Krugman, who the rest of them have written off as a left wing loon) that Ryan's mix of tax cuts, destroying Social Security and Medicare, insane obsession with the budget deficit whenever the government can do some good,and a complete dismissal of it when there is money to be stolen by the rich, is exactly the same remedy that the Republicans have been pushing for half a century at least. The snake oil never changes; we only have an endless succession of corrupt shills like Ryan, each searching for the secret formula to induce American voters to fall for this colossal con job, at which point he will be made the head of everything- except, of course the billionaires who will ride him like a donkey.