Monday, January 12, 2015

Yes, The White Race Is On The Way To Extinction

So is the black race, Chinese and French people, and every other racial or ethnic category.

Since the development of world wide mass transportation, and since the apparently earth-shaking discovery that there are actually worse things than a mixed race couple, the disappearance of these visible but genetically insignificant differences has been inevitable.  The difference in appearance between people from, say, Norway and Nigeria has been maintained for centuries by their relative isolation, which enabled people to maintain the same status as purebread dogs.  Now that we can't keep people apart, and will never be able to do so again, it's inevitable that a certain percentage of white men are going to find a woman like this
or this:

more appealing than a woman like this:
And the same can be said for men and women of all races. And so, bit by bit we are all going to become the same.

Tough luck for you, hate filled people.  Your great grandchildren are probably going to be people like the ones that fill you with disgust today.  I just wonder how many people you will succeed in killing between now and then, and how much violence you will decide you are entitled to perpetrate before your type is gone for good.


Anonymous said...

I don’t want none of that socialist Hollywood junk.

I want that real American in the pink stripe top. She pretty.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of cosher racemixing propaganda ...race does matter...