Thursday, January 8, 2015

In The News Today

From the L. A. Times:


Page 3:  Over 50 Yemenis blown up by terrorists

Page 7:  10 bodies and 11 severed heads found in Mexico

-Just to keep things in perspective.


Poll P. said...

Wow. All folks are created equal, I thought.

Zog said...

And from the Philippines . . . another journalist killed, and someone attempted to kill a witness in a case involving the deaths of 32 journalists.

*Journalist Nerlita Ledesma was killed in Balanga City. Her house had been strafed a year earlier. Manila Standard Today

*Akmad Ampatuan, a crucial witness in the Maguindanao Massacre case, survived a murder attempt by unknown assailants. 58 people, including 32 journalists, were killed in the massacre. Manila Bulletin

Hans "Grüne" Adler said...

Dear Sir,

I note your reference the the murder of satirists at Charlie Hebdo in this post. Regarding the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, I have considered producing a satirical publication of my own as a tribute to them. Owing to the posting limitations of your website, e.g. there is no method of indicating attachments, I shall describe the first six drawings I have created for this periodical. I await your feedback on my proposal.

The six cartoons are as follows:

1. This is a portrait of Moses, completely naked, on all fours. His penis and scrotum can be seen dangling from the rear. His anus is covered by a blue Star of David. The caption reads, "Moses: The New Kosher Porn Star."

2. In order to provide some balance, my second picture portrays a naked female. A black piece of cloth sticks out of her rectum, although this is obscured by the fact that she is portrayed from the front. The picture is titled, "The best way to wear a yarmulke."

3. The third depiction is of a male who wears a dark black coat and a large black hat. He has a long black beard. He is holding a book bearing the word "Torah." There are two bullet holes in the man and two in the book. A word balloon carries the man's message: "The Torah is simply bullshit!"

4. Pat Robertson is portrayed wearing a blue suit. He is throwing condoms into the air. His word balloon reads, "I'm Uncle Sugar to the elephant party down south!"

5. A man with a turban and ragged beard holds a flag. On it are a bloody scimitar and a bomb with five lit fuses. The two items are positioned so as to resemble the crescent-and-star arrangement on the flags of many Muslim nations. I caption it, "The true meaning of Islam's crescent and star."

6. A portrait of Eric Holder as a monkey, stating "The DOJ monkeys around with the law." If Loretta Lynch replaces him before the publication date, I will portray her as a simian instead. As I have attacked Republicans, it is only fair that I attack Democrats the same way.

I await your evaluation.