Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Cartoon

In case you've never seen it, here it is, the Danish cartoon of Mohammed that started such a vicious tantrum on the part of his followers, which has now claimed ten more lives:
If the Western press had not been so cowardly, and had reproduced this around the civilized world, these ten French journalists would be alive today.  I really can't do anything about this tragedy except take the minuscule risk of letting people see what is, to Islamists, sufficient justification for mass murder.


Anonymous said...

You make Bill Maher proud and Ben Affleck squirm

Lev said...

This is why we need to round up and expel all the Muslims from Eretz Israel. They kill over cartoons. They kill over everything.

We Jews didn't kill anyone in response to Der Stürmer. Perhaps we should have.

joseph said...

Fanaticism has nothing to do with religion, blowback or revenge. It has everything to do with the psychological need of the fanatic. Fanatics find psychic relief in belonging to fanatic organizations, the exact nature being quite irrelevant, and the feeling of importance that goes along with his activities. The idiot Juan Cole's assertion that this was some carefully thought out plan is just silly.

Iolar Glasa said...

You kno what? Im glad someone bombed those blasfemmers.

We Christians did good in 1988, when "The Last Tempation of Christ" came out. We bombed the St Michel theater which blasphemed our Savior, we clubbd peopel who saw the junk, we did a lot of good things. We killed the film in France!

"In August, the leader of one Roman Catholic group, Christian Solidarity, said, ''We will not hesitate to go to prison if it is necessary,'' to stop what he called a ''blasphemous'' film."

Good job!

I'm sory it took infidel Muslims to kill those sinners at Charlie Hebdo.

Her'es how evil Charlie Hebdo is. It's a picture of the Pope saying that a condom is the Holy Eucharist. Those cartoonists shuld haev been killed for that.

The cartoon appears on a Nazi site, but they were tghe only ones willing to criticize the blasphemy, which shows how bad most Christians have become. If someone else had showed Charlie Hebdo's anti-Christian evil, I would have showed it.

I wish it wood have been we good Christians who shot those Satanists at Charlie Hebdo. But it was those evil Muuslims who did it. Too bad.

P.S. The Huns are evil. The English are Anglo-Saxon Germans, and they killed millions of us Irish.

P.S. 2. Lev, those people at Der Sturmer should have been gunned down too.

Iolar Glasa said...


They call me fanatic because of my support for the Real IRA, and not those traitors who gave in to terrorist John Bull.

The English scum who killed millions of my peeple still occupy six counties in my homeland. I wasnt them driven out before they kill more of us.

The nature is relevant. We Catholics don't join the KKK. They want us dead. We Catholics don't join al-Qaeda or Isis infidels. They want us dead. If the nature were irrelevant, we'd join terrorists like the KKK, Isis, or anything associeted with Ian Paisley, may he rot in Hell forever.

The IRA didn't bomb Paris or Chicago. We bombed London. We defended ourselves against those who wanted to kill us.


joseph said...

lolar glasa,

The essence of fanaticism, as I use the term, is adherence to something (belief or organization) that involves destruction of the sense of self. The fanatic adheres to something that he believes overrides his own self. The fanatic is willing to die for his belief because he no longer sees himself as an individual capable of death. The cause lives on, so he doesn't die. Suddenly his meaningless life becomes meaningful because the object of his affection is meaningful. It is my experience that the Catholic Church is not such a destructive cult.

Zog said...

"The idiot Juan Cole's assertion that this was some carefully thought out plan is just silly." -- Joseph

I must take issue with your dismissal of Cole. Alain Chouet, who used to lead counterterrorism efforts for the DGSE (the French equivalent of the CIA and MI6), also states that this was a carefully thought out plan.

The link to his interview with Atlantico is

Chouet believes that the attack may very well have been carried out by mercenaries. He notes that the attackers carried out their attacks with heavy weaponry, and came in wearing bullet-proof vests.

Previous news reports stated that the attack came during the weekly editors' meeting -- the one time all of the magazine's top staff were present in one place. Either the attackers were very lucky or there was a lot of work before the attack to determine when the meeting was.

Whether these were fundamentalist Islamic warriors or mercenaries who carried out the attack in exchange for a lot of money, they were certainly professionals.

Green Eagle said...

Iolar, I am not going to deal with the mass of hatred and stupidity that you have inside of you, but I do have a comment about one thing:

You are a gigantic sucker. I had a number of friends that were executives at Universal Studios when "The Last Temptation of Christ" was released. What happened is, they had a doctored script thrown together with a bunch of fake, but really offensive scenes, and then leaked the script to Evangelical Christians, who predictably freaked out just like you did. The result: that's how they turned a profit on a totally unsalable movie.

I'm sure they are most appreciative for easy to manipulate people like you.

Green Eagle said...

Oh, and by the way, Iolar- I gave you credit for coming from a country with a language that has absolutely nothing to do with English. I guess I was wrong about that. Learn to spell and learn some grammar, and maybe you won't sound like an ignorant, mentally defective fool.

Green Eagle said...

And now back to the real world. Zog, I have heard all day long about how professional these guys seemed. I don't know beans about that, but here's the perspective of my older son, who likes to participate in airsoft matches once a month or so: He says that anyone who is a regular airsoft participant knows as much in the way of military tactics as any of these terrorists demonstrated, and he also says that it takes about two hours to learn to handle an automatic weapon without having the muzzle go up in the air. He does not believe that what he sees in the video of them shows much in the way of real military training. I mean, what do I know, but that's his opinion.

joseph said...


Now Cole is saying that the cause wasn't the cartoons, it was Iraq. But then he does say the the radicalization gave the murderers a sense of purpose. Of course, that's the point, it isn't an external cause, it is an internal one.

Iolar Glasa said...

"Oh, and by the way, Iolar- I gave you credit for coming from a country with a language that has absolutely nothing to do with English."

Thankyou. I'm from An Gaeltacht, so I think in Irish.

"I guess I was wrong about that."

Irish is in the same famly as English. But Russian and is it Persian? are also in the same family.

"Learn to spell and learn some grammar, and maybe you won't sound like an ignorant, mentally defective fool."

Again? You ever try to learn language two again after an aksidnt? Its hard.

Zog said...

Green Eagle --

One article Iolar Glasa linked to described actual violence that was carried out by Christian terrorists in France following the release of "The Last Temptation of Christ."

In 1988, the Cinema St-Michel in Paris was deliberately burnt by these Christian terrorists, sending 13 people to the hospital. It was targeted because it showed "The Last Temptation of Christ."

According to the New York Times,

"The fire, if it proves to be arson, would be the most serious incident in a series of attacks against the film in Paris, Lyons, Nice, Grenoble and several other French cities. The incidents have included the clubbing of moviegoers and the throwing of teargas and stink bombs in theaters."

Iolar Glasa is defending this terrorism. The only reason he or she thinks that the Charlie Hebdo bombings are wrong is because they weren't carried out by the type of Christian terrorists who carried out the above attacks. (This being France, the Christians were probably Catholics like Glasa.)

[P.S. I tried posting something on the creationism thread yesterday. It didn't take. Is the problem at your end or mine?]

Zog said...

"Fanaticism has nothing to do with religion, blowback or revenge." -- Joseph

"Of course, that's the point, it isn't an external cause, it is an internal one." -- Joseph

The problem is that Cherif Kouachi was radicalized by the tortures that (yet unindicted) American criminals did at Abu Ghraib. This is supported by a newspaper report from 2005:

Mais a été «choqué» lui aussi «par l'intervention américaine en Irak et par les exactions des marines à Abou Ghraib», rapporte Me Ollivier.

This is what we ordinarily call blowback.

Green Eagle said...

1. Blowback- check. I'd noted his comments about Abu Ghraib, and was just waiting a couple of days for Conservatives to get up a head of steam blaming Obama for the deaths in Paris before whipping it out, and commenting on the real sort of American Presidential behavior that causes things like this.

And Iolar, just to let you know, I studied Old Irish when I was (long ago) in graduate school. I still have Thurneysen's Grammar of Old Irish on my bookshelf. I see the evidence of Gaelic grammatical structure in things said or written by Irish people, but I don't think it explains a lot of your grammatical or spelling mistakes. Besides, people in Ireland, even if they are brought up speaking Gaelic, can hardly be as unfamiliar with English as you seem to be.

Hans "Grüne" Adler said...

Dear Sir,

Regarding the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, I have considered producing a satirical publication of my own. Owing to the posting limitations of your website, e.g. there is no method of indicating attachments, I shall describe the first six drawings I have created for this periodical. I await your feedback on my proposal.

The six cartoons are as follows:

1. This is a portrait of Moses, completely naked, on all fours. His penis and scrotum can be seen dangling from the rear. His anus is covered by a blue Star of David. The caption reads, "Moses: The New Kosher Porn Star."

2. In order to provide some balance, my second picture portrays a naked female. A black piece of cloth sticks out of her rectum, although this is obscured by the fact that she is portrayed from the front. The picture is titled, "The best way to wear a yarmulke."

3. The third depiction is of a male who wears a dark black coat and a large black hat. He has a long black beard. He is holding a book bearing the word "Torah." There are two bullet holes in the man and two in the book. A word balloon carries the man's message: "The Torah is simply bullshit!"

4. Pat Robertson is portrayed wearing a blue suit. He is throwing condoms into the air. His word balloon reads, "I'm Uncle Sugar to the elephant party down south!"

5. A man with a turban and ragged beard holds a flag. On it are a bloody scimitar and a bomb with five lit fuses. The two items are positioned so as to resemble the crescent-and-star arrangement on the flags of many Muslim nations. I caption it, "The true meaning of Islam's crescent and star."

6. A portrait of Eric Holder as a monkey, stating "The DOJ monkeys around with the law." If Loretta Lynch replaces him before the publication date, I will portray her as a simian instead. As I have attacked Republicans, it is only fair that I attack Democrats the same way.

I await your evaluation.

Green Eagle said...

Dear Hans:

I do not have a problem in the world with your first five cartoons, although I do think they demonstrate that you are the clear victim of some fairly serious sexual dysfunction. But since I don't know you, I don't really care about that.

In fact I actually agree with you that most of the Torah is bullshit, a characteristic it shares with virtually all religious documents in the history of the world.

And you were way too easy on Pat Robertson.

As for the sixth one, I will give you credit for having included it just to continue trying to be deliberately offensive, but if you really believe it, you are a vicious racist.

All in all, I would say that I am about 700 times more offended by the way the Lakers are playing this year than I would be by your cartoons, so knock yourself out. I just hope to hell that you can draw a little better than those guys at Charlie Hebdo.