Monday, January 19, 2015

How Stupid Do You Think We Are, Barack?

So, Obama announces a massive initiative to transfer the burden of paying for the country's needs marginally back to the rich, where it belongs.


Of course, he waited six years to do this, and then did it a few days after Republicans took over both houses of Congress, making it more likely that an asteroid will hit Disneyland than that this tax change will take place.

Well, I'm sure that never occurred to him.  I'm sure that it is just an accident that he waited to make a proposal like this, until the very moment that he knew it would have zero chance of being passed by either house of Congress.

I mean, we'd never ever suspect Obama of promising good things to the American people only when he will never have to explain to the rich why someone took him seriously and actually made them happen.

Anyway, my prediction:  The Cubs will win the World Series before this becomes law.  Ten times.


Jerry Critter said...

It can be a campaign issue without ever having a chance of being enacted. And yes, he does think we are that stupid. However, the democrats will have to do something much worse before I will vote for a republican.

Green Eagle said...

I'm not voting for any Republican, that's for sure. Still, this sense that we are so stupid that we will fall for things like this really gets to me.

joseph said...

The Sporting News predicts that the Cubs will win the World Series, this year. I've been a Cub fan since I saw Don Cardwell throw a no-hitter in his first start as a Cub, in 1960. I can only hope.

Green Eagle said...

I remember a day a few years ago, going to a Cubs game at Dodger Stadium with a friend who was a huge Cubs fan. We had a long conversation with Ernie Banks, who was sitting at the next table at the Dugout Club. He was an incredibly nice guy, and seemed genuinely as interested in us as we were in him.

Screech said...

Yes, it's too bad he waiting until now to go after these initiatives. He wasted years trying to get along with these asshole republicans. Still, I think did manage to hand the democrats a campaign gift for 2016 and probably a few campaign issues too. He's also teaching them that populist issues sell well, something the last bunch of democrat loser candidates couldn't figure out.