Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obama Approval- Gee, I Wonder What Changed

Here's a chart I cribbed from Daily Kos showing the current state of Obama's approval ratings:
Before getting on to my main point, can I just point out how far from the norm delusional Republican voters are?  There is only a two point difference in disapproval between Democrats and independents.  The gap between independents and Republicans is 37 points.

Well, here's a little of how the reporters at Daily Kos account for this change:

"Imagine that! Obama decides he'll fight for people, approvals soar...So what could it be? I have a theory 

* Obama issued executive order shifting immigration enforcement efforts away from deporting the undocumented parents of United States citizen children... 
* Obama has called for free community college tuition... 
* Obama has stood strong against Keystone XL... 
* Obama announced actions to reform police departments nationwide... 
* Obama normalized relations with Cuba...* Obama announces plan to expand paid sick leave..."

Sorry, guy, you are dead wrong.  Green Eagle has a theory too, only Green Eagle's theory is the right one.

Here's one thing that Republicans know instinctively, that Democrats never seem to figure out:  Polls don't make one bit of difference on any day except election day.  Before that, Republicans spend billions of rich people's money to lie and smear Democrats until the gullible American population buys into it and does what they want.  After election day, Republicans don't give a damn about what the American people think, so they cut off the propaganda money and, bit by bit, Americans discover that life under Democrats isn't so bad after all.  Unfortunately, what they think now means nothing.  The only thing that matters is what they think in early November, 2016, after another multibillion dollar dose of Republican viciousness, at which point a lot of them will remember that they actually hate a party that isn't owned by rich people.

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