Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Too Many Cops

So, the NYPD slowdown, in which New York police are making 90% less arrests in many crime categories, is now about two weeks old, without much of a change in peoples' lives.

I just want to express my sincere appreciation to the New York Police Department for unselfishly agreed to conduct this massive experiment.  I think we can already see that it demonstrates that there are far too many policemen employed by the City of New York, and in an act of budgetary discipline, it is only right to stop this waste by cutting several thousand police jobs.

And a little agreement:  I've been thinking about this for a few days,and I'm glad that others seem to be doing the same.  This, from Daily Kos:

"perhaps the NYPD could continue this style of policing with a lot less resources and manpower! Why have a bunch of bums sitting around doing nothing on the taxpayer's dime? Especially when crime is still under control and falling. Especially when the work stoppage has had no effect on the community whatsoever, except perhaps making everyone, including the NYPD, relax. 

Mayor de Blasio should applaud the NYPD for demonstrating how much they need a lot less people to keep crime low and preserve order. Then, start laying people off and giving the slimmed-down remaining force a well-deserved raise."

Right on there, Daily Kos.  Except maybe for the raise part.  You don't get a raise for throwing a tantrum.


Anonymous said...

Hey I actually agree with you GE

Green Eagle said...

Well, excellent. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

least I can do after all objections