Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

So, let's clear the decks before the new week of idiocy begins:

Mario Diaz, Town Hall: "Republicans Should Not Play Nice on Judicial Nominations"

Don't worry, Mario. No chance of that.  They'll play dirty, like always.

Kyle Olsen, Town Hall: "Gov. Walker's Legislation Has Unions Caving Already"

Proud of yourselves, huh? Maybe you could try beating up on puppies next. This lying jerk is talking about teachers unions agreeing to wage freezes, something which he knows perfectly well they had agreed to before the governor went on his malicious binge. Well, what's one more lie in an ocean of them?

Clarice Feldman, Pajamas Media: "Anti-American, Foreign Donors Are Paying Off Our Profs. Shouldn't We Address This?"

Funny, they're worried about professors' research being funded by foreigners, but are just fine with foreigners giving money to members of Congress. As long as they're Republicans, of course.

John Rosenthal: "Late Congressman Lantos Praised Libya’s 'Major Gesture for Peace'

Of course, so did still alive (I think,) current member of Congress John McCain, but let's not bring that up. The dead guy Lantos was a Democrat, so let's hop on him.

Salena Zeto, Town Hall: "GOP Foolishly Ignores Recall Battle in Wisconsin"

Hey, how could they miss an opportunity to strike a blow against popular democracy? That's not what the Koch brothers paid for.

Austin Hill, Town Hall: "Collaps of the Obama Worldview"

In Libya. The fact that he's doing something that's working just great proves that he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.  That makes sense.

And now, today's Gold Award for Outstanding Achievment in Projection:

Kyle-Anne Shiver, Pajamas media: "Obama's Monetary Policy: Stick It to the Middle Class"

What can you say?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Obama in Weekly Address: Mission in Libya Is Succeeding… For Al-Qaeda...Yesterday we found out that the rebels we are helping in Libya are linked to Al-Qaeda."

That is, of course, if you believe the words of Moammar Gaddafi, which Jim apparently does (see post below.) Well, who would Republicans trust more than a dictator? It's always worked for them before. Well, sort of.  Well, okay, it never works.  But why change now?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Sarah Palin Remembers Geraldine Ferraro (Video)"

Well, that's a surprise, since Sarah doesn't seem to be able to remember much else that actually happened. At least it's a video. If it were written down, no one would believe that it really came from her.

Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily: "Ayers admits (again) he wrote Obama bio"

Boy, they won't give up on a single lie, no matter how preposterous. Here's the evidence, as cited by WND, from an Ayers speech:

"Question: What is your opinion of Barack Obama's style as a writer and uh …
Ayers: I think the book is very good
Ayers: Did you know that I wrote it, incidentally?
Question: What's that?
Ayers: I wrote that book.
Several audience members: Yeah, we know that.
Question: You wrote that?
Ayers: Yeah, yeah. And if you help me prove it, I’ll split the royalties with you. Thank you very much.
Laughter and Applause"

By the way, let's not forget that Jerome Corsi has written a book too. The one that accused war hero John Kerry of giving himself his medals. A real authority there.

Rick Moran, American Thinker: "Obama says Libyan campaign 'making progress' I only have one question for our president: What is it we are "making important progress" toward?"

Oh I don't know, how about progress toward preventing a vicious dictator from slaughtering his own people? How about that for an answer, you stupid dick? Oops, sorry there, Green Eagle got a little cranky.

Phil Boehmke, American Thinker: "DHS funded propaganda event cancelled...A terror attack drill fancying white supremacists blowing up illegals and racial minorities? Get real"

How's this for real, Phil?

"An arrest has been made in the failed January bomb plot that apparently targeted marchers along an Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane, Wash...The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, reported that in 2004 Harpham (the guy arrested) was a member of the Neo-Nazi group National Alliance. "

And finally for today:

Fred Schwartz, National Review Online: "FILM...Limitless Banality...In Hollywood, the ultimate end of intelligence."

At last! We've accomplished our goal! Now we can all go home and take a nice long nap!

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mastercynic said...

I'm tying to imagine Geraldine Ferraro ever having contact with Sarah Palin - was she wearing a bio-suit to prevent contamination?