Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If This Isn't Fascism, What Is?

Here is a story about a bill in the Ohio legislature to do the same thing that Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin:  to destroy the first amendment rights of government workers:

"It took the removal of two union-sympathetic Republicans from Ohio state Senate committees, but supporters of Gov. John Kasich's (R) plan to limit collective bargaining rights for state workers were able to move their plan one step closer to Kasich's desk today.

By a vote of 7-5, a State Senate Committee charged with reviewing the collective bargaining proposal -- known as Senate Bill 5 -- moved the bill toward a floor reading and its expected passage."

Get that?  They could only get this bill through the Ohio Senate by stripping two Republican Senators of their committee assignments.  Now it is apparently okay for legislation to be passed by only allowing legislators that support it to vote.  What kind of democracy do we have in this country any more?  And really, consider this:  After 1933, Storm Troopers regularly attended local and regional governmental meetings and forcibly prevented opponents of the Nazis from voting or speaking.  Take away the uniforms and how different is this?

Every day we hear new stories of a Republican party gone wild.  Conservatives have taken last November's electoral progress as a license to openly work to destroy democracy in this country and replace it with a repressive, totalitarian oligarchy.  And they are well on their way to accomplishing their goal.

Welcome to America.


Anonymous said...

Green Eagle said...

Ha ha ha. Your "source" had this to say:

"Have you noticed most of Obama appointees and Czars are for Social Justice"

You are a true conservative, Anonymous. You are all for social injustice.

magpie said...

A memory...

When I was in the equivalent of junior high school an anti-drugs pamphlet did the rounds at Social Justice class. wasn't really called that... but it had the same ideas which have become veritable thought crime in Right-wing America. We learnt about tolerance, health, poverty, social awareness...stuff like that.

The pamphlet was a photo story of a pretty 16 year old girl turning into an old woman in 2 years on heroin. The most nausea-inducing photo sequence I have ever seen.

That's what it feels like to watch fascism on the rise. Something beautiful, being turned grey and wretched.

Dave Dubya said...

As long as the Wall Street Cartel, war criminals, torturers walk free, this is a fascist, if not fascist enabling, counrty.