Thursday, March 10, 2011

Want a Sign that the Democrats are going to Lose the Presidency and the Senate in 2012?

Well, I know how much you'll enjoy that.  Well here's a big sign, from Daily Kos:

"Democrats signal willingness to move towards GOP position on spending...Presumably, Democrats will at least demand that the GOP strip its provisions that would repeal health care reform and block family planning funding, but will otherwise move much more closely to the GOP's spending cut number than anybody would have originally thought. Moreover, they will probably avoid having a fight over oil company subsidies or military spending."

This is cowardice and capitulation to evil, in dramatic action.  The Democrats, with President Obama  leading the way, are turning into the worst Republican stereotype of weak politicians who have no core principles and will trade away their entire constituency, in order to avoid right wing attacks that they think threaten their jobs.  They are preemptively turning themselves into failures, and taking us down with them, despite the fact that polls constantly show the American people supporting a far more liberal set of policies than they are willing to take.

I heard someone describe a labor negotiation as "the assholes versus the idiots."  Well, that's what we have in public office today: assholes and idiots.

A Little More:  Paul Krugman, on point as usual:

"what we a political culture in which one side sneers at knowledge and exalts ignorance, while the other side hunkers down and pretends to halfway agree."


Jerry Critter said...

So which is worse -- Democrats that cave to republicans, or republicans?

We are fucked either way.

Green Eagle said...

You got that right. Pretty pathetic, huh?

mastercynic said...

In any battle between the soulless and the spineless I would expect the soulless to eat the spineless.

Green Eagle said...

Well, at least we can hope that it gives them a stomach ache.