Sunday, March 20, 2011

And More News that Wasn't Important Enough for You to Hear

From the Boston Herald, not exactly a major news outlet:

"MADERA, Calif. — The FBI has arrested a 37-year-old school bus driver suspected of vandalizing a central California mosque and firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic last year, authorities said.
Donny Eugene Mower, of Madera, was to be arraigned Thursday on two federal arson charges in the Sept. 2 attack on the Madera Planned Parenthood, local and federal officials said.
The clinic was damaged and had to remain shut for two days after someone threw an explosive device through a window."

Once again, with all of the endless fear mongering about essentially nonexistent Muslim terrorism in this country, no one has time to report on a real terrorist fire bombing, which actually took place.  But then, to paraphrase Dick Nixon, when Christians do it, it isn't terrorism.

I'll be reporting to you, incidentally, when Jim Hoft or some other right wing jerk claims this guy is a left winger.

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