Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

 As you would expect, a lot of the right wing garbage today has to do with finding a way to blame Obama for something, anything, in Libya.  Here's a taste of the insanity:

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Liberals: They Blinded Us With Science"

No they didn't, Ann.  You blinded yourselves with stupidity.  Deal with it.

Steve Chapman, Town Hall:  "Obama's Fatal Attraction to War" just got to laugh.

Emmett Tyrrell, Town Hall:  "Maybe Obama Should Have a Beer Summit With George W."

Oh right.  Maybe he could get some real lessons from Bush about how to handle a war.  Listen, you guys are scared to death that Obama will remove Gaddafi in a couple of weeks at a cost of almost nothing, as opposed to your guy, who squandered eight years, trillions of dollars and several thousand American lives to accomplish approximately zero in Iraq, except for a sordid public hanging. That's why you waited about fifteen minutes to start attacking Obama, after screaming for years that anyone who spoke the truth about Bush's fiasco was a traitor.

Jacob Sullum, Town Hall:  "Obama's War of Choice: The Dangerously Open-Ended Rationale for Attacking Libya"

As opposed to Bush's very specific rationale for attacking Iraq:  steal their oil.

Erick Erickson, Red State (and CNN, don't forget:)  "Good morning friends. We are apparently not at war in Libya. No, it is no war. Friends, this is a kinetic cluster SNAFU is what it is."

I.e. Erick can't find a single real thing to criticize in Obama's actions, so before they succeed, he's just going to get in some lying and smearing, on general principles.

Red State:  "Bill Ayers, You’re Wanted For Questioning...for questioning in the murder of Sgt. Brian McDonnell!  San Francisco—On Monday, February 16, a bomb blew up at Park Police Station, killing a police sergeant and wounding several others. That  was 41 years ago. Sergeant McDonnell’s murderers have never been brought to justice ..."

Only one fact left out of this story.  Bill Ayers turned himself in to the police concerning this matter, and they determined that he was not guilty.  Other than that, great reporting, guys.  You're having to go a little far back, aren't you, to find any evidence of left wing violence to counter the almost daily right wing terrorist plots that we're having to deal with?  Lucky for you that the mainstream "press" has decided that when a Republican does it, it isn't a crime.

Erick Erickson, Red State:  "Al Qaeda and America on the Same Team — Turns out Al Qaeda supports the rebels in Libya too."

Erick, I guess you're on the other team, then.  That would be the murderous dictator's side.  No surprise there.

Confederate Yankee:  "Under the right circumstances, when American vital interests are implicated, the expense of military action is not a concern. But under the present circumstances, where we are in real fiscal danger, where we are protecting no legitimate American interests, we continue to pour Tomahawk missiles into Libya at, arguably, a million dollars per bang."

The right circumstances being when a Republican is president. Then we can waste trillions.  When a Democrat is in the White House, however, everything is too expensive.

Michael Ledeen, Pajamas Media:  "The Wimp Goes to War"

Don't hold back there, Michael.  Your views are so sophisticated and nuanced that we need to have them as part of our national dialogue.  We should get together so you can read my essay, "The moron goes to war."  I wrote it a few years ago, about a different president.  I think it still holds up pretty well.

Abraham H. Miller, Pajamas Media:  "Our Blood and Treasure, for Britain and France"

Boy, they're really desperate for any attack on Obama, huh?  Now, every missile he shoots off is somehow a gift to the cheese-eaters.  I can't really figure out what the blood thing is about.

World Net Daily:  "Look who's in line to replace Gadhafi"

Who?  Charlie Sheen?

World Net Daily SPECIAL OFFER...I had high blood pressure - now I don't in 3 weeks!"

What, you stopped reading World Net Daily?

Claude Sandroff, American Thinker:  "Saudi Tanks Roll Where Obama Fears To Tread...The Saudis, tired of Obama's reluctant, indecisive and incoherent Middle East policy, have decided to take matters into their own hands."

Where Obama fears to tread- sending tanks into another country to violently support a dictator.  That's the kind of manly foreign policy that Republicans go for big time. Now, if Obama had sent tanks to support Gaddafi instead of attacking him, Claude would be waving a flag and cheering.

Heather Bachmann, Regular Folks United:  "How the GOP Will Get and Keep the Youth Vote in 2012"

Mental telepathy?  Mass murder?

Arnaud de Borchegrave, Newsmax:  "Another War, Another Quagmire, for the US"

No troops on the ground, no commitments to loathsome governments, no making deals with religious fanatics, no torture, no people hating us all over the world, and no budget destroyed to pay for it all- boy, I bet Bush and Cheney would have loved to have a quagmire like that.

Conrad Black, National Review Online:  "Obama’s reluctance to lead cannot now stop Sarkozy from winning this contest."

Contest?  What contest?  You know, Conrad, war isn't a game.  You can cheer it on without risking yourself or your huge fortune in any way, so you can treat it like fun, but it isn't so nice to those of us with a shred of human decency.  

Enough for today.  Don't worry, there will be plenty more soon.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Hilarious! Nothing they've written is accurate or makes any sense, but that doesn't stop these gerbils from running on their exercise wheel.

That, essentially, is all that they are doing.


Looks like our role in the Libyan incursion is a success.

And they're all biting their feet over it.


Poll P. said...

Yes, thanks for the giggles!