Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can Republicans Get Any Cheesier?

Via Daily Kos, this contemptible story:

"Unborn child to 'testify' on Ohio abortion bill

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected."

Can there be any way that Republicans could show less respect for our country and the people who voted them into office?

On the other hand, too bad the Bush Administration couldn't have sent a fetus to testify in front of the U.N. before the Iraq war.  At least it wouldn't have lied its ass off like Colin Powell.


Jerry Critter said...

This bill sure won't help republicans. They have no heart.

Octopus said...

Jerry: "They have no heart."

Then it should make it easier to abort them.