Saturday, August 12, 2017

White March In Context

Whooppee!! The Nazis who form a large part of Trump's younger followers are on the march in Charlottesville, in what is universally described as the largest gathering of "white nationalists" in decades!  The press is out in force to declare them to be a real force in American politics, whose "issues" (i.e. white people's right to kill and hate) must be addressed, or the Democratic party will disappear off the face of the earth! Here's a picture from last night's demonstration:
I will have more to say, I am sure, after today's march, which they promise will be EVEN LARGER!!!!  But until then, just for comparison, here is a reminder of the Women's March in just one city, Los Angeles, a few months ago:
This march was, as I remember, worthy only of being forgotten as soon as possible.

UPDATE:  Well, after a morning filled with various acts of petty violence, and chanting of "Jews will not replace us"* and the good old standby "Blood and Soil,"** the Charlottesville mayor declared a state of emergency, so we will never get to know if today's rally would have matched this:
Somehow, I doubt it, but that's what they were hoping for, I'm sure.

*Take it from me, guys, Jews aren't trying to replace you.  They actually like it a lot more where they are, and aren't trying to move here:

**If you would like to know more about Blood and Soil, I invite you to watch as much as you can take of this nice video, entitled "Blood and Soil- Foundation of the New Reich."  It's from 1933, so the production values may be a little lacking, but I'm sure you will get the point.  

Then maybe we'll all get together in a resounding rendition of the Horst Wessel song and all go out and start a war or two.


Flying Junior said...

For Cry-Ay-Ay-Ay-Canta-No-Llores-Fuckin' Sakes!!!

I thank you for this parallel.

We can only hope that Trump doesn't reproduce an enhanced version of this film on his daily podcast. If he does, it may soon be over for all of us.

The British people routed Hitler in 1940. We can get rid of this menace.

I guess we need you more than ever before Green Eagle.

Side note: My neighborhood in the North Clairemont Community of San Diego has long been home to Wild Parrots. But I haven't seen them in twenty years. Yesterday and today were the first days that I ever saw them on my property and across the street.

Still, I hope they don't find my peaches and loquats.

Green Eagle said...

We need each other. It is going to take all of us to stamp out this malignancy.

nofakenews said...

I guess the Women's March should have murdered someone with a car if they didn't want to be forgotten (sarcasm).