Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We are Fucked

From PPP Polls:

"… Trump voters say they would rather have Jefferson Davis as President than Barack Obama 45/20."

And let's just face an obvious fact here:  Trump voters don't know one God damned thing about Jefferson Davis except that he was for slavery- that he led a four years long murderous, treasonous rampage in order to keep having slaves.  That's it.  These people want black people returned to slavery, period.  I don't want to ever hear a single person claim that this means anything else.  They are for slavery, and for the subjugation of all non-whites, and that is why they are for Trump.

Nazis had and worked to death hundreds of thousands of slaves, but even they did not openly brag about it.  In some way, what these people promise to bring us is worse than the Nazis were.  Deal with that, America.


Anonymous said...

Do you think some people were confused and thought about Union General Jefferson Davis?

He wasn't that impressive, either.

[Given the intellect of the average Trump voter, they might have confused Thomas Jefferson with Jefferson Davis instead.]

Green Eagle said...

Well, those people know nothing about Davis beyond the fact that he led the treasonous rebellion, so I doubt that a single one of them knows anything about his career before becoming the racist-in-chief.

Anonymous said...

More likely: "Trump voters don't know one God damned thing about Jefferson Davis except that the other choice is Barack Obama".

Anonymous #1 said...

Check the link - Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Union General Jefferson Davis were two different people.

History is weird.

Green Eagle said...

I stand by what I said: Most people in the US know nothing about Jefferson Davis except that he was the President of the Confederacy; i.e the number one person in support of slavery. When they support Jefferson Davis, they are supporting slavery.

Anonymous said...

Who would you rather have as president, Joseph Stalin or George W. Bush?

Green Eagle said...

Sort of depends on what we needed to have done- winning a war or crashing the economy.

Flying Junior said...

I thought of this post, you know about Jefferson Davis as POTUS rather than beloved Barack Obama when I heard about the absolutely worst outrage of the outrage-filled speech of bullshit by the bullshitter-in-chief in Arizona.

I only watched the condensed version of the Arizona/Arpaio rally, but according to one of my right-wing acquaintances, Trump famously proposed that the Civil War might have been unnecessary had Lincoln the diplomatic skills of Andrew Jackson.

Jackson was not the worst white supremacist of the 1830s, but he certainly carried his own weight.

I was so offended that Trump would pander to the idiots who believed that Lincoln might have capitulated to the slavers rather than defend the union. I just can't express my thoughts in words.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Joe Biden was right, as usual, when he stated Republicans "want to put y'all back in chains."