Monday, August 14, 2017

Terror By Car

I am interested in the large number of commentators that are so quick to compare the right wing terrorist who drove his car into a group of peaceful protesters this weekend, to the several associates of ISIS who have done the same thing in the last couple of years.   Nobody seems to have enough memory, however, to make the following obvious comment:

You know, just about anyone on earth can get their hands on a car or a truck, and drive it into a crowd.  It's not high tech terrorism.

A few years ago, ISIS was an actual state.  It had a government, it controlled a number of fairly large cities, it had a standing army, it had oil wells and refineries from which it derived a large income as well as powering itself, it handled many of the functions of a normal government.

Then an international coalition led by (remember this guy?) Barack Obama began a systematic effort to destroy this malignant state.  A couple of years later, the best they could do was incite a few fools to engage in a meaningless act of random violence.

Well, American Nazis seem to have skipped right by the successful government part and gone right to the meaningless act part.  Yes, they need to be beaten down, and harshly, but do not think that a demonstration of four hundred people and some idiot that drives a car into a crowd represent a real movement.  Our "President" is going to have a heavy price to pay for inciting this hatred, but as long as we don't just let it go unanswered, it is going to end up being nothing but a contemptible temper tantrum.

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