Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Just a Curious Fact, I Guess

Nothing to be learned here, I guess.

Here are pictures of the various executives who have quit Trump administration panels in recent days due to his behavior:
 Brian Krzanich, Intel

 Elon Musk, Tesla

 Ken Frazier, Merck

 Kevin Plank, Underarmor

 Klaus Kleinfeld, Arconic

 Mario Longhi, US Steel

Mark Fields, Ford

In only one of these cases, did Donald Trump decide to attempt to publicly humiliate the executive in question; that would be Ken Frazier.  I wonder what made him different in Trump's eyes than all the others.


Jerry Critter said...

No surprise there given his recent comments.

Green Eagle said...

Well, it would apparently surprise every single member of the mainstream press, because not one of them seems to have noticed it.

ez said...

Must be the lack of hair on his head. Trump values luscious locks above all else (snark)