Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Just like the Republicans and the mainstream press have been promising us for a year now, today Donald Trump pivoted!
He pivoted!!!!!!!

Oh, not to being President.  He didn't pivot to that.  He pivoted to being Reich Chancellor.

Almost as good, right?


Grung_e_Gene said...

45 JUST BECAME #2. Today! Trump became President of the Confederacy...

Francisco said...

"Reich Chancellor."

Ivanka is Jewish. If you think he's going to kill his daughter and grandchildren, you're more dishonest than Baghdad Bob and nuttier than squirrel chow.

Trump's trying to be Eerste Minister van Amerika, just like D. F. Malan in South Africa.

Green Eagle said...

I don't give a God damn what religion Ivanka claims to follow. Either you admit the obvious, that Trump is a white supremacist and therefore a hater of Jews, or you are a malignant liar. And by the way, it is clear that he would throw Ivanka or any other person on earth to the wolves to spare himself a second's discomfort.

Bent Bolt said...

This might surprise and/or disappoint you, but some white supremacists regard Jews as white.

*Grung_e_Gene refers to the Confederacy. The CSA regarded Jews as white. In fact, the first Jewish cabinet member in American history was Judah Benjamin, Secretary of State for the Confederacy. The United States did not have its first Jewish cabinet official until 1908.

*Apartheid-era South Africa classified Jews as White, even though the government was openly white supremacist.

*Trump administration creep Stephen Miller is both a white supremacist and a Jew.

"Either you admit the obvious"

From the above three examples, it is not at all obvious, and we can see that not all white supremacists are anti-Semites. And Trump is much more in line with the Confederacy and Apartheid South Africa than he is with the Third Reich. If Trump were a hater of Jews, he wouldn't make Gary Cohn his chief economic advisor, he wouldn't hire Stephen Miller, and he'd disown Ivanka. However, since he's willing to work with anti-Semites, he's no friend of the Jewish people.

Green Eagle said...

Sorry, Bent, but after a pretty long life of watching things, I believe that every, and I repeat, EVERY White Supremacist is an anti-Semite. The malignant Trump may be willing to take advantage of those few Jews who are so without principals and without even a sense of self-preservation that they are willing to help pave the road to the ovens, but there is no such thing as a white supremacist who is not an anti-Semite.

Pinku-Sensei said...

"[I]t is clear that he would throw Ivanka or any other person on earth to the wolves to spare himself a second's discomfort."

Only if Ivanka is willing to be thrown to the wolves along with Jared. Otherwise, Trump will keep her as long as he can sleep with her. I've compared Trump to Joffrey on Game of Thrones and that's one more way he can be like the Lannisters.

Bent Bolt said...

I have to disagree with you. A look at history shows that the American definition of "White" has expanded over the past two centuries. Once the Irish weren't "white;" now they are. Same thing with the Italians and the Poles and the Russians. Even brownish-looking Greeks can qualify as "white." Many Americans now accept Ashkenazi Jews as white, and some Americans even accept light-skinned Hispanics like Louis C.K. as whites.

Here's a quote from Mike German, who infiltrated some white supremacist groups for the FBI:
"So I spent that first investigation in Southern California, and a lot of the animus was toward Mexican and South American immigrants, but interestingly in the movement, if you trace your lineage to Spain, you were good. So for anyone who had some Latin background, as long as you said, ‘Oh yeah, my family is from Spain,’ you’re good to go." (Source)

There has also been a division within the White Supremacist movement for over a decade between what I'll call the Jared Taylor faction and the David Duke faction. The Duke faction is, as you know, anti-Semitic. The Jared Taylor faction wants to kick the Nazis out of the movement and inclulde white-skinned Jews. The SPLC notes that Taylor is not an anti-Semite, and, according to the Forward, Taylor has declared white-skinned Jews to be Whites.

The Forward article dealing with the schism is from earlier this year; this Southern Poverty Law Center report dates from a decade earlier.

I'll have to go with the SPLC and Forward reports; there are some Jewish white supremacists, and there are some white supremacists who aren't anti-Semites. I'll just leave it at that.

P.S. Are you familiar with the concept of herrenvolk democracy?