Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Press and Republicans Work Together Again

To destroy any sense of truth that remains in the American political system.  This time, an anti-tax "rally" in Denver, featured in this article from Daily Kos:

"Pathetic turnout for 'grassroots' tax reform rally funded by billionaire Koch brothers

"Lavishly-funded conservative activist group American For Prosperity-Colorado promoted the hell out of today’s No More, Uncle Sam! Reform the Tax Code! rally in Lincoln Park across from the Colorado State Capitol...despite nearly 3 million residents and the promise of free BBQ for attendees, it appears roughly two dozen residents turned out. No telling how many are the caterers and AFP staff."

Americans for Prosperity- one of the maze of phony organizations funded by the Koch brothers.  And here is a picture of the crowd which all of the Koch brothers' money and publicity generated:

About two dozen, and that doesn't take into account how many of them are Koch staffers or the caterers of the free barbecue.

Well, another laughable right wing failure, except for one thing.  As so often happens, you would never know what actually happened from the mainstream news reporting of the event.  I'm not going to link to it here, but if you click on the Daily Kos story, you will find a CBS report of this essentially nonexistent affair, which portrays it as an important political event representing a significant segment of the voting populace, raising grievances, i.e. too high taxes for the rich, which must be addressed.

And that is how it's done.  That's how a couple of rich sociopaths and a compliant media build the notion that the American people just demand an end to taxes on the wealthy, or any other piggish demand from the backers of the Republican party.  As I have said a hundred times (it's virtually the motto of this blog,) the Democrats could beat the Republicans into oblivion any time without hardly trying; what they can't do is beat the Republicans and the mainstream press working together.

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