Tuesday, August 29, 2017

They Just Won't Ever Change

From today's article in the New York Times by Glenn Thrush:

"Hurricane Harvey was the rarest of disasters to strike during the Trump presidency — a maelstrom not of Mr. Trump’s making, and one that offers him an opportunity to recapture some of the unifying power of his office he has squandered in recent weeks. 

In announcing his trips, he used the dulcet, reassuring and uplifting language of prior presidents. His rhetoric was strikingly different from his much-criticized pronouncements at a news conference this month when he equated the actions of leftist protesters in Charlottesville, Va., with the violent, torch-wielding alt-right activists who hurled anti-Semitic and racist epithets."

He's pivoting!!! He's Presidential!!! One press conference in which he didn't make a colossal fool of himself, and combine that with thinly disguised promotion of fascism and hatred!  One press conference in which he didn't burst forth in irrelevent, vicious invective against his "enemies" in the press, his own party, North Korea orHollywood.  And now it's time to ignore what a malignant criminal he is and let him have his corrupt way with the country!

That's what the mainstream press in the United States, and in particular the current version of the New York Times, exists for, these days- to put enough phony sugar on the Republican march toward dictatorship, that people will just sit by and let it happen.  So far, so good, guys at the Times- hope you are proud of yourselves.

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