Monday, April 14, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup- Frazier Glenn Miller Special Edition

I've reported that the recent mass murderer in the heartland had a long history as a right winger- the KKK, militias, Aryan Supremacist groups, etc.  Well, one of the places he liked to lurk was on the forums at the viciously anti-Semitic "Vanguard News Service," where he apparently made over 12,000 comments over the last decade or so.  I thought it would be nice to see how his fellow Vanguarders were responding to his actions.  Not well, as I'm sure you can guess:

"Thank God people are finally fighting back against these vicious demonic parasites."

Methodists?  Catholics?  Because that's who he killed.

"3 ain't bad.  Heil Hitler brother!!"

It ain't too good either, idiot.

"Despite the thousands of years of destruction the Jew has repeatedly visited on the Aryan race, when someone finally gives a few of them a little lead karma, it's not just a murder, but a hate crime."

Lead karma.  Well, I guess he really taught the Methodists a lesson.

"Is KS a death penalty state?  If so, you can bet izzy's jewstice system is going to use it here."

You betcha.

"He meant it, guys. Surprised? Why?  The only legitimate criticism might be his score."

Let's consider that.  I figure that if you award one point per Jew, he gets zero points for the two Methodists, and maybe we'll give him half a point for the Catholic.  That's 0.5 out of 3.  Not so good.

"He needed to go on a more crowded day. It doesn't sound like it was too well thought out."

Well, just what we needed- a well thought out mass murder.  That would have been much better.

"You know they'll at least throw him down a deep, dark hole.  Probably Florence, or some place like that where he will be held incommunicado indefinitely."

Incommunicado?  What could he possibly have to say that wouldn't make you guys look like bigger jackasses than ever?  My vote is to let him shoot his mouth off as much as he wants.  Hell, I'd give him an hour a day on Fox News.

"The downside... one less pretty good spokesman for WN."

He spoke with his six shooter.  And let me make this clear to you:  There is no such thing as a good spokesman for White Nationalism.

"I really don't understand why he was even allowed to post here."

Because he believed exactly the same thing as everyone else who posts at Vanguard News Network.

"I was really hoping to see him run for office again as he has in years past."

He's not getting the Jewish vote, I can tell you that.

"I hope those in our ranks can just keep discussion regarding the incident here civil and not just bash the hell out of the man. He did something stupid, no doubt, but we all know what it is like to live in this rotten world the Jews have created for us"

Stupid.  Three murders.  I guess what is stupid is that he killed three Christians.

"It's funny, when I talked to my parents, family, friends or associates about the racial issue or jewish question, some of them called me "crazy"

I wonder why.

"If he killed a single White person then he is a fucking scumbag. If they were kikes, then he gets a round of applause."

Well, he's a scumbag, I guess.  And no applause for him.  Except here at Vanguard News Network.

"...he only does damage to the efforts of people who are trying to overcome media stereotypes about our ranks being filled with people on the brink of senseless violence."

You've sure got a point there.  Of course, a lot of people would say that it isn't just a stereotype.

"Glenn Miller in the end, can be classified as a well-intentioned screw up."

Well intentioned.  That should be his defense in court- Sure I deliberately killed three strangers, but I meant well.  Yeah, that'll work.

"I liked that guy, this makes me sorta sad, but also happy. I am glad he will go to heaven for sure now. "

Because that's where all the deranged murderers go.

"These bolshevik brats were rehearsing the play "To Kill a Mockingbird", which is about a scum lawyer who gets a black rapist of white women off, and is portrayed as a hero."

Uh, except that in the play, the black guy was innocent.  And the doctor and his grandson were not there for the play, the kid was trying out for a singing contest.  Other than that, right on, guy.  Oh, except for the "Bolshevik" part.  Hey, you went 0 for 3, just like Glenn Miller.

"i'm just taking a wild guess those kids were gonna grow up to be nigger lovin' pansies, jew enablers. Future traitors. Glenn did them a favor."

No comment needed.

"He has set a fantastic example of how an adult, informed audience should respond."

By murdering three of the wrong people?  Man, your standards of a fantastic example aren't very high, are they?

"I wonder if this could have had something to do with Obamacare, losing his coverage, or getting his coverage jacked up."

God, someone just had to go there.

"Even President Nigger is weighing in on this one"

And there.

"From what I can tell, the two Methodists were actively engaged in the promotion of White genocide"

Huh?  A fourteen year old kid trying out for a singing contest?  And a doctor?  well, just keep lying to yourself.  It must be a big comfort.

So there you go.  I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the views of the other side.

And let me just go out with a sage remark by the inestimable Jim Hoft, over at Gateway Pundit, one of Wingnut Wrapup's most frequent subjects:

"Like Clockwork… Vile Media Matters Writer Blames Kansas Shooting by Nazi Racist on Right Wingers"

Imagine that!


Grung_e_Gene said...

Yeah he was a Democrat Liberal!!!

Green Eagle said...

Yup. But remember that Hitler was a Democrat too.

Magpie said...

Did run as a Democrat.
Then as a Republican. And got more votes then.

The blog mentioned in that link above belongs to none other than Donald Douglas. Went across to look at comments for that post.
A few people tried to set the record straight, in detail, but... Among the professor’s usual level of academic and thoughtful response to all that was:
“The Democrats are evil, actually. But thanks for stopping by...”
“Miller tried to run as a Democrat ... because he's a Democrat, bwhahah!!!”
“…Democrat racist KKK party all along, lol!”

“lol"... says the professor. Denial on the Right is one thing – but what Douglas does is way worse.

Green Eagle said...

Donald Douglas- boy, there's a name I haven't heard in a while. I checked out his site. Sure enough, he has an endless series of posts claiming that not only Miller but all mass murderers are Democrats. Well, as I have often said, the truly universal defining characteristic of Conservatives is that they won't take responsibility for anything that their fellow Conservatives do.

Paul Avery said...

FAIR asks the question "Can a white man be a terrorist?" Good article...recommend reading.
A problem with these hate groups is that giving them attention is giving the attention which they crave. On the other hand, they should be exposed for what they are. This is a quandary.
Btw, being a fan of big band music, I cringe that this terrorist's name is Glenn Miller.