Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Disgusting Revelations From Cliven Bundy

There is just no end to the dishonesty on the right.  It is driving me crazy, because the more we try to base our positions on demonstrable facts the more they decide that the truth means nothing, and they can do whatever they damned please.

Here is the latest from the chiseling crook/rancher Cliven Bundy who has claimed that the United States doesn't really exist, so  he doesn't owe them the grazing fees that every other rancher using Federal land pays.  He has publicly based his right to steal a million dollars from the American people on the claim that his ancestors were grazing cattle on that land since the nineteenth century, so he doesn't have to follow the law.

Well, this is nonsense on its face.  Imagine if you moved into a house that your ancestors used to own, but which they sold long ago, and then claimed that you had a right to take the house because of that.  But this is not what I am stunned by today- in fact, it turns out that Bundy's whole claim is a lie, which he just made up:

"Bundy says his family has rights to the land dating back to the 19th century, a claim that even if it were rooted in reality wouldn't change a damn thing about the fact that he's a deadbeat rancher refusing to pay his fare share who doesn't even have the support of his fellow ranchers in Nevada. But it turns out that not even that claim is true...

Clark County property records show Cliven Bundy's parents moved from Bundyville, Arizona and bought the 160 acre ranch in 1948 from Raoul and Ruth Leavitt.  Water rights were transferred too, but only to the ranch, not the federally managed land surrounding it. Court records show Bundy family cattle didn't start grazing on that land until 1954.

The Bureau of Land Management was created 1946, the same year Cliven was born."

And yet, right wingers all over the country, from the sort of loons that I feature here right up to many of the leading figures in the Republican party have declared that this made-up fact justifies Bundy's criminal behavior.  Not a single one of them bothered to check out his excuse for treason- the fact that it put the government in a difficult position was enough for them to support him.

So, what is the point in even bothering to try to record the truth, when our enemies in this country do not give a damn about it?  Nothing we can say or do will ever deflect them from their avarice and hatred.  Fifteen hundred loathsome maniacs turned up to support this lying criminal, and you know they were just dying to start shooting at government employees, and unbelievably to have their wives and daughters die in their place, while they go on raving about what great patriots they are.

There is simply no way to deal with these people, except to eliminate them like the mad dogs they are.  And they are getting closer and closer to the pathetic, petty apocalypse they are determined to incite. 

These are bleak times for this country, and they are going to get worse, apparently, before anyone with any power takes the appropriate action- we've just seen 1500 armed terrorists assemble to threaten the rest of us, and there is no real reaction. 


Magpie said...

If Cliven Bundy wasn’t a rancher in a cowboy hat but one of Paul Ryan’s ‘inner cities men’, just how long would he last making equivalent threats of violence? Why is it the bigger the hick you are, the more latitude you get?
If he was ripping off a major corporation or a bank, instead of the government (i.e. the people, i.e. you), how much sympathy would he be granted?

Cenk Uygur pointed out something the other day about that idiot supporter of his who talked about getting the women shot first:
When Bin Laden was killed, there was a story circulating that he had used a wife as a shield. For propaganda that always creates a greater impression of villainy from the implied cowardice.
This guy Richard Mack was actually boasting about it as a pre-meditated strategy. How fucking dumb can you be?

I think Bundy’s moment in the front of the freak show is passing however. He’s been quoted as saying of ‘the negro’:

“They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Bye bye Bundy… Certain people who used you for mileage will now want you to go away.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, Bundy's moment of fame has passed,but unfortunately, the freak show will go on. Inside, they are all just as contemptible as Bundy, but that's okay, because there is always a new jerk ready to take the place of the last one.