Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just One More Greedy Ass

Cliven Bundy has this to say:
"And we are after freedom. We're after liberty. That's what we want..."
He's not after freedom.  What he's after just like every other "Conservative" in the country, is to not pay for the government services he uses.  Every other rancher in the West pays his damn $1.50 per head per year to graze his cattle on land that belongs to all of us, but not Cliven Bundy, because FREEDOM!!!! and LIBERTY!!!!

As I've said for years, despite all of the social issues claptrap and all the foreign policy belligerence, all this benighted species of humanity really cares about is not paying taxes.  While they spend endless hours raving about other people (you know who they mean) being moochers, they will follow any malicious, lying politician on earth as long as he promises to not make them pay for the government services they use.

Conservatives are the real deadbeats, and they are so good at it that the people in practically every liberal State pay immense amounts to the Federal government, which is then transferred every year to the Conservative States to keep their miserable societies afloat. That, of course, is just fine with them, but if a black person gets a cell phone, it's Communism! Cliven Bundy is just the latest poster boy for these miserable, greed-maddened people.

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Paul Avery said...

These wingnut wackaloons have spent waay too much time with their cattle. Whenever I hear one of them talk about his RIGHTS, he sounds like a bawling calf: "mwaaa!!"