Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cheney- The Sadistic War Criminal Lies Again

Dick Cheney had this to say, only four days ago:

"Former Vice President Dick Cheney refuted accusations that he is a war criminal during his speech to students and members of the AU community in Bender Arena on March 28... 

During his vice presidency, three people were waterboarded, Cheney said."

Well, only three people.  I guess that's okay then, right?  Under the fair use clause or something- you get three for free.  They only start counting as torture after that.

Maybe he was trying to get out in front of this story:

"A Senate intelligence committee investigation found that the Central Intelligence Agency employed brutal interrogation methods that turned out to be largely useless and then lied about their effectiveness, according to the Washington Post. ..the CIA overstated the effectiveness of the program and concealed the harshness of the methods they used.  

Conservative media figures incessantly hyped former Bush administration officials’ at times verifiably false claims about the efficacy of the program."

Still lying to cover up the fact that he and his administration were war criminals, and still without a clue of the damage they did to this country's standing in the world and the safety of its diplomats and military whenever they leave the United States.  And the believability of his lie lasted all of three days before the truth caught up with him.  Karma's a bitch, huh, guy?

And of course, let us take this occasion to remember this detail of our recent political history:

"Torture was a key prong of Republican attacks on the Obama White House early in the administration...Republicans contended that Obama’s abandonment of torture – virtually the only element of post-2006 Bush national security policy that Obama rejected – would inevitably lead to catastrophe."

Torture was a key prong of Republican attacks on the Obama White House...not against torture, no, for torture.  They attacked Obama for not torturing people even though at that point we already knew that it didn't produce a thing of value.  They're for it, regardless of whether it works.  That's just the kind of guys they are.  And you wonder why they're for making life worse for seniors, poor people, children and everyone else who can't defend themselves.

You know, if anything would make liberals believe in the death penalty, this would be it.  Prison is too good for these guys.


Magpie said...

"Prison is too good for these guys."

Oh I don't know... I heard there was a very nice one in US controlled Cuba, with a fine aquatic sports program.

Green Eagle said...

Still too good for Cheney.