Monday, April 14, 2014

Just a Little More about Cliven Bundy, and a Comment About Frazier Glenn Miller Too

So, of course, the government had no choice but to back away from a confrontation with the hate-filled militia leaders that swarmed to Nevada to protect Cliven Bundy's Constitutional Right not to pay a fee of $1.50 per head to graze his cattle on federal land, because to him THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOESN'T EXIT!!!  These jackasses had apparently worked themselves up into a state where they might start shooting any second, and even though the government could have wiped all of them out immediately, that's just not the way we handle things in this country; and it won't be until Republicans take over for real.  However, I wish to point out that it will be a very bad thing in the end if these irrational lunatics are allowed to have a victory over this.  It is essential that as soon as they all go home the government go back and carry out the appropriate action against Bundy for his twenty years of lawbreaking.  And may I suggest that he be charged for the standoff?  There has to be some sort of price for this kind of behavior.

Now, I couldn't motivate myself to write a post detailing the universal support for this threat of violence, which occurred throughout the right.  If you are interested, you can look here or here.  I do, however, want to point out that it has become standard practice among Republicans to constantly agitate their followers to solve their problems with guns.  As I have been warning for years, one of these incidents is going to explode into something truly horrible (as this one very well might have,) at which point the Republicans are going to blame the government, and not the subversive traitors who attacked government agents with guns.*  A fine example of the consequences of Republican behavior, although on a smaller scale, occurred this weekend in the case of Frazier Glenn Miller, a long time KKK and militia member who fell off the sane train and went out to shoot Jews, killing three people, two of them, incidentally Methodists.  If you want to read about this man's sordid history in the Aryan supremacist movement, you might look at this post from the SPLC, largely compiled before the current incident.

Well, anyway, the government and the decent people of the country are going to have to stand up to these malignant people before too long, and like any war, it is going to be a horrible thing.  But since the traitors on the right continue to foment this irrational violence, it is inevitable.

*As they continue to blame the government because agents shot back when they came under fire at Ruby Ridge and Waco.  They're all for law and order until they feel like killing a few police themselves.

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isaac said...

These are the some of the same jackasses trying their hardest to convince me that I need to live my life in constant fear of terrorists. I think I have a much higher chance of being injured or killed by one of these jumped-up "real patriot" yahoos. And I also have much less fear of a "tyrannical government" than I do of these whackjobs. I certainly take no comfort in knowing that they are the "first line of defense" against the government, especially since I am non-white and have some 'book l'arnin',' two things these jackoffs hate and fear above almost all else, and so would be someone they felt needed eliminating. Instead of continuing ranting on, which I could totally do, I'll leave this link to a Washington Post piece written by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens about the 2nd Amendment: