Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wingnuts Predict the Future

And boy were they prescient!  I don't know if any of you clicked on the link at the bottom of the last Wingnut Wrapup which contained a list of Obama's murder victims stretching back to before he was ten years old, but if you did, you would have found at the bottom of the story a list from 2008 of what would have happened by 2012 if we elected Obama.  I thought you would all like to see this absolutely magnificent list of predictions of what life under the Black Man would be like:

"Projections of what will happen before November 6, 2012:
•  Major, widespread terrorist attack campaign throughout the United States 
•  Martial law 
•  Use of concentration camps – FEMA camps 
•  Major tactical nuclear war in the Middle East 
•  Assassinations of top political leaders and military generals 
•  Civil war 
•  Major election fraud will occur – big surprise there  
•  European Union will experience an economic crash 
•  Major war with Mexico 
•  Fox News will go off the air 
•  Beginning of World War IV 
•  Stock Market crash – again 
•  Major recession that will dovetail into a depression"

So, how did they do?  Terrorist attacks?  Nope.  Martial law? Nope.  Concentration camps?  Nope.  Nuclear war?  Nope.  Assassinations?  Nope.  Civil war?  Not yet.  Election fraud?  Only by Republicans. European economic crash?  Despite the best efforts of right wing economists, not quite.  War with Mexico?  Not that I'd noticed.  Fox News off the air?  If only.  World War IV?  And here I even missed World War III.  Stock market crash?  If by "crash" you mean it doubled.  Depression?  Despite the dedicated work of Republicans to bring it about, that didn't happen either.

The interesting thing to me is that, though they were ludicrously wrong on all of these thirteen predictions, you can go to wingnut websites today and find every single one of them being touted daily as in our immediate future, if we don't impeach (or kill) Obama, or perhaps if we don't let the Southern States secede and resurrect the Confederate slave state.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the French say.  Unfortunately, for right wingers, things didn't change.  They just stayed the same.


the yellow fringe said...

I voted for him for one reason, that getting rid of Fox thing. I really got screwed on that.

Magpie said...

Look guys it's perfectly simple... to quote:

"...I would also like to add something that stands out to me about this trip from a historical perspective. Jesus Christ the Messiah entered Jerusalem riding upon a donkey on 10 Nisan in what was the Gregorian year AD 33. President Obama will enter Jerusalem on this very day in the Gregorian year 2013. The difference is therefore precisely 1980 years. Here is what the late David Flynn had to say about the number 1980 and the year 2013... Since AD 33 represented the end of Satan’s ‘full authority’ over mankind, it is reasonable that a form of this number should appear before AD 33... If 6,660 years ended in AD 33, the complete cycle of a third of the precession would require an additional 1,980 years to be completed (which would equal 8,640 years)... In navigation, 33 degrees of the circle of the Earth has 1,980 nautical miles. This is found by multiplying 60 minutes in an hour times 33. One thousand nine hundred eighty years needs 6,660 years more to equal 8,640 years, and is the exact number of minutes in 33 hours, as well as nautical miles in 33 degrees of the great circle of the Earth. The majority of Draco’s tail lies along 6,660 years of the precessional circuit. The number 2013 is the number of minutes in 33 hours + 33 minutes and the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the Earth.
The term “Satan’s full authority” caught my eye, and it seems to me, then, that 2013 should feature an event in which an agent of Satan (that is to say, an antichrist figure) attempts to usurp the throne of the true Messiah."

Anyone who doesn't accept THAT is a goddamn commie liberal.

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, count on you to come up with the perfect information. Now, I'm a believer! I mean, who could argue with all that math?

Paul Avery said...

The reason this events haven't happened (yet) is because the right-wingers have been ever vigilant against them.
Yeah, that's the ticket.