Friday, February 28, 2014

Predictable News

I'm just going to quote Atrios here, because he says it so concisely and so accurately that there is little left to add.  I hope he will forgive me for just reprinting his entire post:*

"Nothing To Cheer
But for the deficit fetishists, the 2013 deficit is $139 billion lower than Simpson-Bowles promised to deliver.

That's actually bad news, and of course it won't even be seen as good news by people who claimed it was the most important thing ever. Because nobody cares about the deficit."

Of course, Obama actually doing more than the deficit hawks demanded means nothing, while their shouts and demands that produced nothing prove that they are the sage, wise people who ought to be allowed to run the country.

*Ha.  As if he even knows that I am alive. 


the yellow fringe said...

Yesterday my wife found a little notice of the deficit's triumphant fall. But I have yet to see it mentioned in my red state papers, or on the evening news, neither during the few minutes yesterday and today I heard PBS did I hear it. It's a well kept secret.

Clark said...

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