Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doing the Same Thing

...And expecting a different result.  From Travis Loller at TPM:

"Three days after pastor Jamie Coots died from a rattlesnake bite at church, mourners leaving the funeral went to the church to handle snakes."

No comment needed.  Here's another story from the article:

"Coots' death was the second snake bite death at his church, which was founded in 1978. Melinda Brown, a 28-year-old mother of five, died in 1995, two days after she was bitten by a rattlesnake during a service.

Brown's husband, John Wayne "Punkin" Brown, continued to handle serpents after his wife's death. He was killed by a snake in 1998, at the age of 34, while preaching at an Alabama church."

Oh well, I guess God's will was that the human race is better off without these people.


Magpie said...

A thought, GE...

These otherwise physically healthy twits get to put themselves in extreme danger and then refuse the medical attention that could save their lives, yeah?

But someone suffering a painful terminal condition cannot choose to use medical services to end their agony on their own terms and with dignity.

And the opposition to medically-assisted suicide is largely from the religious groups who just won’t mind their own God-damned business..

So fairs fair, let’s go and take their snakes away, fine their church thousands of dollars every time they break the prohibition, force-administer medicine to them on grounds they are mentally defective, and then bill their A-hole church for all costs incurred, punitively, till it is unable to own anything or operate anymore.

Just an idea.

Snake taxes. Something like that.

Magpie said...

And if they insist on playing chicken with snakes at least they go the whole nine yards and use Australian taipans.

They’re proper snakes.
For real men.
Deadliest in the world. The first person to capture one alive died the next day.

(This has been another friendly message from the Australian tourism board)

the yellow fringe said...

The more I learn about this the more I like snakes.