Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When Does Incompetence Shade Off Into Collaboration?

 So, the CBO releases a report on Obamacare, and Republicans immediately begin telling a phenomenal lie about it.  What's the reaction of the mainstream press?

Here's a wonderful comment from the White House reporter from the New York Times:

"Tho much reporting & GOP response to new CBO report on ACA is inaccurate/false, problem for Dems: If you're explainin', you're losin'"

If you're explainin' you're losin'.  And I guess if you're lyin' you're winnin'.

Of course, maybe the liars would have a little more trouble winning if the press, whose responsibility it is to report the truth, pointed out the lies.  But no, that would never do.  Driving to work this morning, I made the mistake of listening to an NPR segment about the CBO report.  They allowed three Repubicans to come on and repeat the absolute lie that the report said that Obamacare would cost 2 million jobs- something so false that even the normally oblivious New York Times White House reporter admitted it in a tweet (although not, of course, in the paper itself.)  Then NPR brought on a couple of Democrats.  Did they ask them about this lie about the 2 million jobs?  No, they asked them about something totally different, thus giving a national platform to the lie, and no voice at all to the truth.  The Democrats, of course, could have no idea that their irrelevant comments were going to be edited to follow three Republicans telling the same lie.

This sort of thing happens every day, and every single time it favors the same lying, seditious party.  Is there anyone left that can still believe that this is a result merely of right wing pressure or "working the refs?"  The press at this point is owned lock, stock and barrel by rich corporations, and it no longer even tries to report the truth, when it doesn't suit the interests of those corporations.  And as I have said before, the Democrats can beat the Republicans with one hand tied behind their back, but they cannot beat the Republicans and our miserable mainstream press working together.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

The problem is akin to the one facing us in politics in general,

Peter Schiff, Maria Bartiromo, Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow, Neil Cavuto, Rick Santelli, Stuart Varney, Michelle Malkin and a host of people are willing to stake themselves out as the extreme champions of Corporate Bondage making those others who succor and defend the Rich and Wage Slavery the moderates.

Thus making anyone who calls for modest tax increases (see: President Obama) the reincarnation of Karl Marx and Che Guevara.