Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Herd Culling

Coming fast on the news, reported here recently, that a snake handler found out the hard way that God wasn't really protecting him from rattlesnake venom, two more stories popped up today, with a lot to say about the mental character of the right wingers who seem to live among us.

First, this rather sad story from the State of Washington:

"US ‘faith healers’ sent to prison for death of second sick child 
A judge in Philadelphia has imprisoned parents who allowed a second child to die from treatable illnesses because of their faith in the healing powers of Jesus. 
Herbert and Catherine Schaible were convicted of withholding medical care from seven-month-old Brandon, who died of pneumonia and dehydration in April. 
Another son, Kent, died under similar circumstances in 2009 at age two. 
Sentencing them to three to seven years behind bars, judge Benjamin Lerner was unsparing in his condemnation of what he said had been their criminal neglect. “You’ve killed two of your children,” he said “Not God. Not your church. Not religious devotion. You.”

And here are these subhumans:
 Not a pretty picture, huh?  Well, I guess it proves that just about anyone can get laid these days.

Sad for the kids, and their brothers and sisters.  Not so for the parents who callously murdered two of their own children, and let us be clear about the motive for this act:  These filthy perverts believed that they were enhancing their own chances of getting into heaven by following their idiotic religious beliefs, and they sacrificed two helpless offspring of theirs for nothing but to enhance their own chance of future happiness.  This sort of conduct is no more noble, in its way, than killing for financial gain.  Call me callous, that's what I believe.

Well, on to the next story of our right wing brethren:

"A white supremacist leader was arrested in Columbia, S.C. on February 19 for child molestation. 
August Kreis III, 59, is charged with criminal sexual conduct of the second degree, according to The State, for alleged abuse of a female relative under 12 years of age. The former leader of Aryan Nation also showed her pornography, Richland County police state."

When Richard Butler, the head and chief theorist of the Aryan Nations died a few years ago, Kreis was one of two chosen successors to him.  Kreis was also involved in the KKK, and was a considerable figure in the Christian Identity movement, which I have written about fairly frequently.  Butler was involved in the modern rebirth of this disgusting phenomenon, whose followers believe that Jews are the children of Satan and that Blacks are not humans either, but some sort of animated mud piles.  Here, for your perusal, is Kreis:

Poor August has been in bad health lately, having had his legs amputated due to uncontrolled diabetes.  Too bad they couldn't have amputated the other end of him.  Now it's going to be so hard for him to run away from the other prisoners he will be encountering, when they give him the traditional prison greeting for child rapists.

And don't forget, people like this have exactly as many votes as you do (well, in the case of the Christian couple, I guess twice as many.)


Magpie said...

I question the direction of Judge Lerner’s worded condemnation of the Schaible couple…
“You’ve killed two of your children,” he said “Not God. Not your church. Not religious devotion. You.”

The church just got a free pass there….
Religious devotion DID in fact kill those children.
It will kill many more if these ideas are not dragged into the light of social and legal discussion and their potential for tragedy not illuminated.

Behind the Schaibles is an entire church and behind that church is an ethos that suffering is good because it samples the suffering of Jesus, or some other wacko variation. This is the sick cultish side of Christianity and it has to be stomped on.
I don’t want to hear about religious freedom, or some other empty phrase used for instant diversion of debate . No-one gets an exemption from civilised and humane behaviour because of their idiotic faith.

This ‘live without medicine’ idea is being PREACHED. They might as well as be telling people to ignore red lights while driving.

You can’t stop people being weak-minded, intellectually barren or plain stupid. You can’t stop people urging others to be stupid, but you can confront it and discuss it and attack the ideas at work. You can have an educational campaign about it. You can choose not to let these insane cults fester unremarked upon till someone innocent pays just because churches have got used to being politically untouchable.

BB-Idaho said...

Guess I was wrong in thinking that the Judeo-Christian religions began partly as a negative response to the tossing of firstborns into flaming pits practiced by their Canaanite

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Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you are a disgusting swine. You are very close to getting banned here because you are such an unmitigated asshole. I've only done it twice before, but you are on the edge. And by the way, don't glorify yourself by calling yourself a troll- you are only a nauseating little swine.