Sunday, February 2, 2014

Not Such Good News for Republicans

Because everything is good news for Republicans, right?  Here's a map, courtesy of Daily Kos, showing when population peaked by county in the United States.  The palest yellow counties are at essentially peak population now, with successively darker counties having peaked earlier, the violet ones peaked in the 19th century:
Here's another map I found, showing the vote in the 2012 Presidential election by county:

Notice that the areas shown in red or darker in the first map, counties which have declined in population for quite a good while now, are almost entirely in Republican areas.  Democratic areas are mostly near maximum population today.  There are Republican areas that are experiencing relatively stable population, but a lot of them are out West, where there is minimum population.  Other than Florida and the upper South into Ohio and Indiana, most Republican areas are well past their prime.

This does not bode well for the chances for Republicans to reverse their party's decline.  If it keeps up, they can only look forward to representing less and less of the population.

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