Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Who Is Carrying Their Weight And Who Isn't

Since around the time of the last Presidential election, the right wingers in the country have been on an absolute orgy of abuse directed toward the rest of us for allegedly not carrying our weight.  In this fantasy scenario, it's the patriotic Americans in the South and Midwest (and some rich people too) who produce all the economic value, while those of us in urban areas (you know who they are talking about) are spongers, dragging down the economy by living off of the hard work of white small town and rural people. 

Well, here is an absolutely fantastic map, which I found in a post by David Atkins at Hullabaloo, which sets the record straight on this issue.

As you can see, half of all of the economic activity in the country is produced in about 15 urban areas (inhabited, may I add, largely by a mixture of liberals and, well, you know who) and the other half by all of the misbegotten hellholes which make up the homes of the Republican base. 

Mr. Atkins joins with Green Eagle in a position that I have been advocating for years now- it is not the people in the liberal parts of the country who are living off the work of the conservatives; no, the exact opposite is true, and it becomes clearer every year that the worst of these conservative areas- the South, Oklahoma, Kansas, the Dakotas, are nothing but a drag on the rest of us.  From now on, when they start their whining about secession, we would be a lot better off to just let them go.

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the yellow fringe said...

I already feel (in KS) like we seceded, into the 8th century. I keep my passport up to date, cash under the drivers seat and the tank filled.