Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shut Up, Dick

Here comes the biggest asshole in America, Dick Cheney, to spread a little more venom, which will of course be spread far and wide by the press, which will pretend that he is an elder statesman, rather than the war criminal he obviously is.

This time, he's attacking Obama (surprise!) for making long past due cuts in our vastly bloated military budget:

"I've obviously not been a strong supporter of Barack Obama. But this really is over the top," Cheney said. "It does enormous long-term damage to our military"

Of course it wasn't "over the top" to squander three billion dollars of our military budget in one of the greatest military blunders in human history. Here, just for your information, is a little map comparing military and education budgets in countries around the world:

Here are the countries that have made a decision to spend more on their military than on education:  Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, and of course the good old U.S. of A, which currently spends almost half of the world's total military expenditures.  And is a single one of these countries safer for all of its spending, or does any of them offer their residents a better life that, say, the European democracies?

But of course, it is not enough for Dick.  Less for things that really do some good, and more for corrupt companies that keep people like him in power.

You know, it's been six years since he left, and still, whenever I hear the phrase "the vice President" I shiver.  What a miserable bastard he was, and what an outrage that anyone thinks he has anything positive to contribute to the rest of us. 


joseph said...

Mr. Eagle,

I think the Bush-Cheney military disasters cost a lot more than 3 billion dollars. More like 3 trillion. Jefferson railed against a permanent standing army. We didn't have a large one for a long time. In the War of 1812, it was the militia that defended Baltimore.

Green Eagle said...

Excuse me- of course it cost three trillion. I was so spitting mad at this jerk shooting his mouth off that I typed the wrong thing and never noticed it.

ez said...

Cheney, a waste of a good donated heart